Marvel Reveals Jean Grey Creative Team, Phoenix-Related Premise


After its announcement back in October, Marvel has revealed the creative team for its upcoming "Jean Grey" ongoing series. As announced by Newsarama, the series will be guided by writer Dennis Hopeless ("All-New X-Men") and artist Victor Ibanez ("Extraordinary X-Men").

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"Jean Grey" will mark the founding X-Man's first ever ongoing series, a move that Hopeless says “has been a long time coming.” “It’s a sort of trials of Hercules story," said Hopeless of his new series. "Jean gets a premonition of sorts. She’s told the Phoenix is back in play and that the Earth is doomed unless Jean Grey can step up. Unfortunately, the Jean Grey we have is a wildly unprepared teenager. Our Jean needs to level up in a hurry. She needs to step into those huge shoes and become the full grown badass we all know she will eventually. So... she straps in and heads out to get some life experience."


Hopeless previously wrote Jean Grey in the "X-Men: Season One" OGN. The new series will star the teenage Jean Grey, the one that was pulled forward in time a few years ago along with the rest of her original X-teammates. The character has recently been featured in Jeff Lemire's "Extraordinary X-Men" while the rest of her time-lost teammates have appeared in Hopeless' "All-New X-Men" series. But even though he hasn't written Jean in a while, Hopeless says he found her voice again fairly easily.

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“When people tell me they love ['X-Men: Season One'], I know it’s because of Jean (and [artist] Jamie McKelvie). So for 'Jean Grey,' I re-read a bunch of my favorite Jean Grey stories and all of the more recent stuff to make sure I still had her voice... But once I started scripting, she came back pretty quick. I like Jean’s brain. It’s fun to be back in there.”

As Jean Grey is also a member of the upcoming "X-Men Blue" series, her teammates in that book will serve as supporting characters in her solo ongoing series. And, as Hopeless points out, the series' premise will allow the teen hero to travel the Marvel Universe and encounter plenty of guest stars. "Jean will be bouncing all over the place, learning from and battling our favorite heroes and villains," said Hopeless. "Fans can expect lots of guest stars and crazy locales. And anyone who doesn’t think Boom Boom and Domino will make appearances hasn’t been paying attention.”

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Hopeless is also open to bringing in other Phoenix-related characters, considering the cosmic entity's return is at the heat of the series. “I have a post-it note on my laptop with this growing Phoenix list: Quentin Quire? Hope Summers? Rachel? Phoenix Five?” said Hopeless. “I’m not 100% sure who we’ll use or how exactly, but that’s definitely part of the plan.”

"Jean Grey" #1 from Dennis Hopeless and Victor Ibanez will debut in spring 2017, along with the new "Generation X," "Iceman," and "X-Men Blue" and "X-Men Gold" series.

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