Marvel Reveals Doctor Doom's Favorite Beatle

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Doctor Doom #2 by Christopher Cantwell, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

It's not often that supervillains are imbued with the kind of humanity that allows them to have genuine personality quirks. Most of their time is dedicated to their schemes, but occasionally an aspect of their characteristics breaks One of the best examples in recent memory came in the recently released Doctor Doom #2, where it's revealed which of the Beatles that Victor Von Doom likes best.

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In the book, Doom escapes the authorities and ends up hanging out with his old frenemy, Morgan Le Fey. She's revealed to have made a secret base for herself in New York City, where she has a somewhat adapted to the modern world. Le Fey even has a music collection of some of the biggest musical acts of the modern-day. Notably, one of the options she brings up to put on the Beatles, specifically their final album, "Let It Be." She makes sure to ask Doom, out of sheer curiosity, which of the Beatles are his personal favorite. He initially scoffs at the fact that she has to ask the question, but eventually casually points out that he's a fan of John Lennon over Paul McCartney.

It makes perfect sense that Doom would feel that way about the Beatles. The darker aspects of the villain would be naturally more engaged with the more complex ideas that were present in Lennon's songs. McCartney's contributions to the Beatles were typically more pop-heavy and cheerfully romantic, which Doom would definitely never go anywhere near. Instead, it's likely that the more romantically minded Reed Richards was much more interested in the music of McCartney, which would be a hilarious aspect of their long-standing animosity.

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There's another layer of character and comedy in the moment, though. Doctor Doom has long been established as being the definitive villain of the Marvel Universe. But to play with that, creators have frequently teased out little moments of brevity with the character. This is what has led to moments like Doom getting a teddy bear from Santa or fighting Squirrel Girl. Having Doom have a personal favorite Beatle is another fun aspect of the noted villain.

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