Marvel Reveals All 50+ U.S.Avengers State Variant Covers


UPDATE: An earlier version of this story credited the cover art to Ivan Reis, not Rod Reis. The text below has been updated with proper credit.

To celebrate the launch of the new patriotic team book "U.S.Avengers," Marvel announced an expansive set of variant covers for the series' first issue. "U.S.Avengers" #1 would receive variant covers for every state -- as well as Canada and Puerto Rico. A number of these variants have already been revealed, including ones for Texas (Firebird) and Canada (Deadpool). Additionally, a whole batch of covers were revealed in September for states stretching from California (Iron Man) to Connecticut (Black Widow).

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Now, Previews has finished up revealing all 50 states with one final reveal. The last batch of covers includes states ranging from Tennessee (the Wasp) to New Jersey (Ms. Marvel) and Maine (Scarlet Witch). All the covers feature art by Rod Reis. As revealed in the first image, which includes all 50 state variants, the images all line up to make an American flag.






Two-Gun Kid


Scarlet Witch


Red Wolf


New Jersey

Machine Man


South Dakota


Black Knight


“U.S. Avengers” follows the rise of a retooled A.I.M. — a former enemy entity that used super science to advance its villainous power — now structured as a super-spy organization that oversees national security. Ewing told CBR that “the U.S. is going to be relying much more on their own secret agencies — the C.I.A., the N.S.A, and A.I.M., which will be handling the more outrageous elements.” He added, “Naturally, S.H.I.E.L.D. and their sympathizers within the government will be watching to see the new kids screw up.”

“U.S.Avengers” #1 hits stands on January 4, 2017.

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