Marvel: Who's in the Second Marvel Retro Wave (and Where to Find It)

Marvel Legends Retro Wave 2 feature

The Marvel Retro Collection celebrates decades of Marvel Comics history by depicting several of its popular superheroes in their most iconic incarnations complete with throwback packaging that evokes the spirit of Toy Biz's earliest Marvel figures from the '90s.

Now, CBR is taking a look at the figures included in the collection's second wave and where to find the fan-favorite action figures.

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Black Panther


One of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is T'Challa, the latest Black Panther and King of Wakanda. Empowered by the African nation's mystical fruit reserved for its reigning monarchs, T'Challa leads the most scientifically advanced nation on Earth both in the comics and big screen.

The Black Panther Retro Collection action figure puts the Wakandan hero in his full vibranium suit and interchangeable hands either with claws out and ready or closed in a fist along with a pair of white fireballs.



One of the more offbeat classic members of the Avengers is Vision, a synthetic android created by the evil Ultron to lure the team into a trap before rebelling against his robotic creator and joining Marvel's premier superteam. The character has played a pivotal role in saving the universe dozens of times since then and struck up an on-and-off romance with fellow Avenger Scarlet Witch.

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The Retro Collection action figure for Vision has the Avenger in his classic yellow and green color scheme with his yellow cape billowing around him. It also includes an Ultron head to remind the Android Avenger of his villainous father.



The original Ant-Man Hank Pym has donned many different superhero alter egos since he helped form the Avengers. Often paired with his estranged wife Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, Hank's innovative use of Pym Particles allows him to increase or decrease his size in seconds while commanding ants through his helmet.

The Retro Collection action figure of Ant-Man has Hank in his traditional red and blue ensemble with a large black ant logo on his chest and silver helmet on his head. He also comes with a miniature Wasp, who's shrunken down to a fraction of her normal size and flying into action.

Scarlet Spider


Scarlet Spider is one of the biggest fan-favorite characters from the '90s despite his relatively complicated, convoluted history. Originally introduced as a clone of Peter Parker with similar superpowers under the alter ego the Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly was later theorized to be the actual genetic source himself before confirming his status as a clone upon his death. Still, Scarlet Spider was one of Marvel's most prominent mid-90s heroes, and he even replaced Peter Parker as Spider-Man for a time.

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The Retro Collection action figure for Scarlet Spider has the cloned web-slinger in his classic blue 90s hoodie, external web-shooters, and ankle pouches. The figure comes with interchangeable hands to show Ben prepared to spin a web or throw a punch as well as an interchangeable unmasked head that reveals his blonde-haired visage.



Another founding member of the comic book Avengers who is able to change size at will is Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp. Able to shrink like her estranged husband Hank Pym, Janet can also fly thanks to a set of back-mounted wings and fire powerful energy projectiles from her fists to incapacitate enemies.

The Retro Collection action figure for Wasp has her in her early '00s blue and white costume with wings unfurled to take flight. Just as Ant-Man's Retro figure had come with a tiny Wasp, Janet's Retro figure comes with Hank similarly shrunk down to a fraction of his size.



Long before the MCU's Tony Stark brought his snark to the table, the classic Avenger who chaffed the most against authority was Hawkeye. An unparalleled marksman, especially with his signature bow and arrow, Clint Barton has held many superhero alter egos but always returned to his role as the team's Avenging Archer.

The Retro Collection action figure for Hawkeye has the heroic archer in his classic purple and blue costume including swashbuckling boots and monogrammed cowl. In addition to his bow, Hawkeye also comes with a detachable quiver to hold his steady supply of arrows.

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