Marvel: Who's in the First Marvel Retro Wave (and Where to Find It)

Marvel Legends Retro feature

Marvel's Retro Collection is a line of action figures with Hasbro recreating the classic looks of many of the Marvel Universe's iconic superheroes and villains, complete with throwback era-inspired packaging containing the highly-articulated, Marvel Legends scale figures for serious collectors and more casual fans alike.

Now, CBR is taking a closer look at the superheroes are part of the Marvel Retro Collection's first wave of action figures and where to find each of them, new-in-box at a reasonable price for the Marvel Comics fan in your life.

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Iron Man


The Armored Avenger in his classic '90s red and gold ensemble was one of the first figures included in the Marvel Retro Collection. Standing at six inches tall, the Iron Man action figure has his chest piece clearly visible, with repulsors ready on each gauntlet for action.

The action figure also comes with two boot thruster accessories that can be attached to the soles to give Iron Man flight as he rocket-propels himself to wherever he's needed most.

Captain America


The Sentinel of Liberty similarly received his own Retro Collection action figure, clad in his tradtional scaled armor, bright red swashbuckling boots, and wing-tipped cowl. Created in 1941 by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the character is one of the oldest superheroes in the Marvel Universe, reemerging to serve as a prominent member of the Avengers decades after World War II.

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The Retro Collection figure comes with interchangeable hand either open or in the midst of flinging Captain America's signature indestructible vibranium shield.



One of the most lethal vigilantes in the Marvel Universe is Frank Castle, the Punisher. Originally introduced as an antagonist for Spider-Man, the Punisher's never-ending war on crime has put him at odds with both the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe due to his predilection for openly killing criminals.

The Marvel Retro Collection action figure for the Punisher features the antihero in his original form with skintight, black suit complete with white gloves and boots and additional ammunition doubling as the teeth for the Punisher's skull-faced logo. The figure comes with an interchangeable head sporting a red bandana that the character wore in the 90s as well as a shoulder mounted bazooka seen on the cover for the debut issue of the Punisher's first-ever ongoing comic book series.



One of the most popular members of the X-Men is Wolverine, the Canadian mutant whose skeleton is laced with indestructible adamantium including a full set of claws that can emerge from the back of each hand when the superhero is ready to cut through obstacles and enemies alike.

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Since his debut, Wolverine has worn a variety of costumes with an ongoing debate whether his yellow and blue or yellow and brown costume is the most iconic for the character. The Marvel Retro collection action figure sides with the latter, providing Wolverine with his classic '80s costume complete with interchangeable heads to show the superhero both masked and unmasked in all his hairy glory.



Marvel's flagship hero, Spider-Man is ultiamtely a quintessential New Yorker who happens to gain superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Juggling his personal and professional civilian life along with his superhero career, Spidey has thrilled millions of fans since first swinging into action and remains a fan-favorite character in the medium.

The Marvel Retro Collection action figure reflects Spider-Man's New York roots by coming with a slice of pizza and in interchangeable head partially revealing Peter Parker's face so he can grab a bite while on the way to save the day.

Black Widow


The top spy in the Marvel Universe is Natasha Romanov, trained and genetically enhanced to become the espionage expert and master assassin Black Widow. Originally appearing as an Iron Man antagonist, Black Widow has since undergone a heroic redemption and serves as a key member of the Avengers.

The Marvel Retro collection action figure for Black Widow has Natasha in her form-fitting black costume with bracers ready to deliver the powerful Widow's Bite to shock opponents into submission. The figure also comes with two matching pistols, further adding to Black Widow's formidable arsenal.

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