Marvel Retailer Conference Art Gallery

Tonight in Baltimore, Marvel unveiled news on a number of new projects, as you've seen right here on CBR. If it's just pictures you're interested in, we've got them all right here for you in this handy-dandy gallery. A number of these images you may have seen in our coverage, but there are a number of new items in here that are worth a look.

First up is this cover image from "Avengers/Invaders" #1 by Alex Ross. CBR News spoke with Ross in depth last month about the project.

Next up is this promotional shot of Cable for a new series. Cover art by Ariel Olivetti. Axel Alonso gives us the skinny on this piece.

Like the Hulk? Do you prefer him green or...red? The news out of Baltimore sees Jeph Loeb joining Greg Pak in shaping the future of the big green behemoth, or should that be big red behemoth? Check out this art by Ed McGuiness and don't miss our conversation with Greg Pak & Jeph Loeb.

Maybe the adventures of the Avengers are more your speed? Then check out these pages from "Mighty Avengers" #5 by Frank Cho and pages from "New Avengers" #35 by Leinil Yu.

Marvel's "Secret Invasion" has everyone talking, including Brian Bendis & Tom Brevoort, whom we have separate interviews with.

Here's the variant cover to "She-Hulk" #22 by Ed McGuinness to help celebrate the beginning of Peter David's run on the title.

We finish things out with a number of pieces related to Marve's X-Universe. Marko Djuredjevic provides the "Messiah Complex" promo art, with "X-Force" concept and promot art completed by Clayton Crain. For more on upcoming changes in the world of Marvel's X-Books, don't miss our interviews with Axel Alonso and Nick Lowe.

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