Marvel Releases Every ResurrXion #1 Title For Free

Marvel Comics' ResurrXion-branded relaunch of its X-Men line has been met with enthusiasm, with fans and critics alike praising the revamped mutant corner of the Marvel Universe.

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In an effort to get even more eyes on its newly launched mutant titles, Marvel is making over half a dozen of them available as free digital downloads -- for a limited time, that is. From June 22-23, readers can download Iceman #1 for free using the code ICEMAN at www.marvel.com/redeem, and as a result, you'll receive the other six RessurXion #1s as well. The first issues of Cable, X-Men Gold, X-Men blue, Jean Grey, Weapon X and Generation X are all part of the deal.

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With ResurrXion, the X-Men returned to their brightly-colored roots, with many of them sporting classic-style costumes and the return of iconic corner-box art to the cover of each issue. Marvel made it clear that this line owes a lot to the X-Mania of the ’90s, a point highlighted by a trailer using the ’90s cartoon theme song. The line-wide revamp arrived hot on the heels of Death of X and IvX, two back-to-back events that tied up the mutants’ longstanding feud with the Inhumans, leaving them poised to once again take center stage in the Marvel Universe.

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