Marvel Releasing "Guardians of the Galaxy" Comic for Children's Hospitals Across the US

Marvel and Disney have teamed up with Child Life Council to produce a "Guardians of the Galaxy" one-shot for children's hospitals all across the United States.

"This year's comic is all about friendship, camaraderie, and relying on others when you need help," Marvel Editor & Custom Solutions Project Manager Mark Basso announced. "From our earliest conversations with Disney and Child Life Council, we understood that one of the challenges kids face during and after a hospitalization or treatment is this feeling that they don't fit in with others, or that they're somehow outcast. There is nothing shameful about needing help from friends, family or professional caregivers, and we wanted to underscore that theme in the story."

A stable of Marvel creators worked on the project, including Jim Zub, Wellinton Alves, Guru-EFX, Joe Sabino, Michael Ryan, Javier Mena, and Darren Sanchez.

Basso said of the issue's plot, "Star-Lord is the ace space pilot who the others need to navigate their ship through an asteroid field. When the ship is damaged, Drax is the only one strong enough to lift a heavy component so the others with more technical know-how can repair it."

You can read the full issue online for free, here.

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