Marvel Releases First Three "Spider-Gwen"-Inspired Variant Covers

"Spider-Gwen" has been one of Marvel's breakout successes in recent months, and the publisher looks to capitalize on the character's popularity (and make some Gwen-based puns) in June with the previously announced "Gwen Variants" -- a series of variant covers featuring Gwen Stacy taking on the identities of other Marvel superheroes.

On Friday afternoon, Marvel released the first three Gwen Variants -- "Future Imperfect" #1 featuring "the InGwenible Hulk" and "Secret Wars" #3 starring "Dr. Gwenge," both illustrated by Nick Bradshaw, and "Old Man Logan" #2 -- you guessed it, "Gwenverine" -- drawn by Chris Samnee.

Here's the full list of Gwen Variants:

"1602 Witch Hunter Angela" #1 by John Tyler Christopher

"Armor Wars" #1 by David Lafuente

"Black Widow" #19 by Dan Hipp

"Captain America & the Mighty Avengers #9 by Jake Wyatt

"Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars" #2 by Chris Bachalo

"Future Imperfect" #1 by Nick Bradshaw

"Groot" #1 by Giuseppe Camuncoli

"Guardians of Knowhere" #1 by Rob Guillory

"Howard the Duck" #4 by Jason Latour

"Inhumans: Attilan Rising" #2 by James Stokoe

"Magneto" #19 by Declan Shalvey

"Old Man Logan" #3 by Chris Samnee

"S.H.I.E.L.D." #7 by Robbi Rodriguez

"Secret Wars" #3 by Nick Bradshaw

"Secret Wars" #4 by Chris Samnee

"Secret Wars 2099" #2 by Jason Latour

"Squadron Sinister" #1 by Greg Smallwood

"Thors" #1 by Kris Anka

"Ultimate End" #2 by Chip Zdarsky

"X-Men '92" #1 b Ryan Stegman

The release of these covers come at the end of a week that saw discuss and debate spark online after Frank Cho posted a sketch of Spider-Gwen on his website, parodying Milo Manara's controversial "Spider-Woman" variant cover. Cho's sketch -- not an official release commissioned by Marvel -- inspired criticism online for being an inappropriate depiction of a character with a strong young female fanbase, including a pointed response from "Spider-Gwen" series artist Robbi Rodriguez on Twitter: "Here's my take on the frank cho sketch cover. Your drawing dirty pics of one of my kids. Be lucky your never around me. #spidergwen." Subsequently, Rodriguez wrote on Facebook, "If you, as pro, want this medium and industry to be taken seriously, like we have a chance to now, then start fucking acting like it and change with the times. The definition of body image has changed in of all entertainment in the last decade. And it's not a matter of changing the style of your work -- it's a matter of thinking about your work outside of your bubble."

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