Marvel relaunches Marvel Adventures line

We learned back in December that the current Marvel Adventures title, Marvel's all ages line, would end in March with Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #61 and Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #21. Today Marvel announced on their website that both titles would get new first issues in April.

"The Marvel Adventures line has been a runaway success for over five years now," said Marvel's Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel. "We're extremely proud of not only the longevity of the line and the strength of the brand, but also of the quality of all the series. These are the perfect starting point for the youngest of readers. You're going to see all the biggest Marvel heroes-Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and more-appearing in SUPER HEROES. Along with Spider-Man, these books are a fresh new start for the Marvel Adventures line-but with the same unparalleled all ages storytelling you've experienced!"

Paul Tobin will write both titles, while Matteo Lolli will draw Spider-Man and Ronan Cliquet will draw Super Heroes. The first issues of each will be oversized, cost $3.99 and will be "packed with a full length all-new stories and bonus back up stories." Subsequent issues will be standard $2.99 comics.

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