Marvel Reinstating Digital Codes with Print Releases


Back in January, Marvel announced a change to their digital redeem code program in which they would no longer include digital codes matching purchased print copies, but instead include a code to download separate comics of the publisher's choosing from their digital library. However, the decision wasn't quite met with the open arms Marvel expected, so beginning in May, all digital redeem codes will once again unlock a free digital copy of the purchased title, as well as one additional bonus digital comic.

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"We heard the message loud and clear on Digital same issue codes," Marvel SVP of Sales and Marketing David Gabriel said in a press release. "We heard how folks across the world were using them, relying on them, loving them. We are always looking to do what’s best for fans and the comics industry so we’re pleased to make this program even better. Now, print comics readers will receive a code for the issue they purchased, and also an additional bonus comic giving customers even more value for their purchase."

Marvel will continue to keep readers in the loop regarding which bonus digital comic they can expect each week with consistent in-print and social messaging.

The change to Marvel's digital redeem code program begins May 3, with the release of "Secret Empire" #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven.

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