Why Red Sonja Isn't Part of Marvel's Conan Deal

In 1985, a follow-up to Arnold Schwarzenegger's hit Conan films was released, called Red Sonja, with Schwarzenegger playing a Conan substitute called Lord Kalidor and Brigitte Nielsen taking on the role of the She-Devil with a sword, Red Sonja...

While the film did not prove to be that big of a hit, it did lead to the Howard Estate to spin the character off into her own company, Red Sonja, LLC.

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This was presumably done to make it easier to license the character separately from Conan for stuff like posters, animated series and things like that.

Marvel continued to have the license to the character, though, until they gave it up soon before they gave up the Conan license in 2000.

However, that proved to be a problem later on when Conan Properties, LLC was purchased by a different company, leaving the rights to Red Sonja now separated from Conan.

This led to Red Sonja, LLC cutting a deal with Dynamite to make Red Sonja comic books, which have been published by Dynamite since 2005 (after briefly licensing the Red Sonja rights to another comic book company in the late 1990s)

Currently, Dynamite's Red Sonja series (launched in 2017) is written by Amy Chu and it is a real blast...

This, though, is why Marvel did not gain the rights to Red Sonja when they made their new deal to re-acquire the rights to make Conan comic books. If Marvel wants to include Red Sonja, they would have to make a separate deal with Red Sonja, LLC.

Until then, Marvel will be unable to re-visit that amazing Marvel Team-Up story where Mary Jane Watson transformed into Red Sonja...

Well, of course, unless they do another crossover, like they did in 2008...

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