Marvel publisher acknowledges price hike may affect 'bottom third' of titles

In his wide-ranging annual Q&A with ICv2.com, Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley touches upon the state of the market, digital comics, kids' titles and the company's approach to events like the upcoming Siege and Heroic Age.

However, considering the amount of online chatter devoted to the subject, what may draw the most interest are Buckley's comments on the impact of price increases on some Marvel titles:

The remark about the "bottom third" appears to acknowledge an economic reality for the audience: a limited comics budget.

But the lower-profile books may not be the only ones hurt by price hike. ICv2.com, a retailer-oriented news and analysis site, previously has noted that some of Marvel's $3.99 -- Ultimate Comics Avengers and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, in particular -- are experiencing steady sales slips. Others like Dark Avengers and New Avengers, however, remain top-sellers.

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