Marvel promotes Axel Alonso to Editor-in-Chief; Joe Quesada to focus on Chief Creative Officer duties

Huge news from the House of Ideas: Axel Alonso has been promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Entertainment. Previously serving as Senior VP - Executive Editor alongside Tom Brevoort and overseeing the X-Men and MAX lines among other projects, Alonso will now oversee all of Marvel Publishing's day-to-day aspects and report to Publisher and President Dan Buckley. Alonso replaces Joe Quesada, who shifts to full-time focus on Marvel's multimedia initiatives in publishing, digital, film and television alike within his existing role as Chief Creative Officer.

This marks the end of Quesada's transformative ten-year tenure as Editor-in-Chief, the longest such reign of anyone in the company's history save Stan Lee and one that saw the publisher emerge from the shadow of bankruptcy to once again become the dominant player in the North American direct market for comics. Alonso played an integral role in the Quesada regime since 2000, with his experience at Vertigo coming into play as Marvel took major creative and personnel risks during what was known as the "Nu-Marvel" era. Marvel's press release on the matter touts such controversial projects as X-Statix and The Rawhide Kid as major credits from Alonso's resume right alongside runs editing Amazing Spider-Man and X-Men, so it seems that Marvel higher-ups value Alonso's frequently unconventional approach to superheroics.

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