Marvel Promises Judgment From Bendis & Pichelli At NYCC

Much like the "Trial" teaser released earlier today that teased the next arc of "All-New X-Men" from Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen, the one-word teasers definitely aren't over for the day. The publisher posted a new image promoting its presence at New York Comic Con 2013 on its Twitter account, using the word "Judgment" as an anchor for the latest collaborative effort between Bendis and fellow "Guardians of the Galaxy" creative team member Sara Pichelli.

While the "Trial" teaser was certainly clearer about what it referred to, "Judgment" could indicate any number of series by Bendis and Pichelli. Although both currently work on "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "Ultimate Spider-Man," Pichelli was also the artist who collaborated with Bendis on "Spider-Men," and the possibility certainly exists that they would work together again on any number of unknown projects.

All will be revealed during the Amazing X-Men and Marvel Universe panel at New York Comic Con 2013 on October 11. As always, CBR will be on hand with the latest news and announcements.

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