Marvel Proclaims "Dead No More" in New Teaser

Someone -- or something? -- is "Dead No More" at Marvel, according to a new teaser released by the publisher.

Of course, there's no indication on what exactly this teaser is referring to -- it's a teaser and thus deliberately vague-- but the highest-profile current dead character at Marvel is Wolverine, who passed away in the aptly named 2014 miniseries "Death of Wolverine." Whether or not there's any connection to that and this remains to be seen. Marvel declined comment on the teaser when reached by CBR News.

Some other noteworthy currently deceased characters at Marvel for your speculation pleasure: Professor X, Namor (who just died recently in the pages of "Squadron Supreme"), Gwen Stacy (the original, not Spider-Gwen), Jean Grey (the original, not the time-traveled teenage version), Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell edition), Nova (Richard Rider), Uatu the Watcher and, of course, Uncle Ben.

The "Dead No More" teaser comes just two days after news that a high-profile Marvel hero will be dying in "Civil War II," the 2016 event by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.

Keep reading CBR for the latest on this teaser as it develops.

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