Marvel Previews "Young Avengers" #1

Official Press Release

Who are they? Where did they come from? Where are they going? Questions answeredin YOUNG AVENGERS #1, on sale 2/9/2005!

As indicated by comics retailers, fans are starving for information on Marvel'>s YOUNG AVENGERS team...with good reason. Marvel has been careful not torelease too much information on the book, as the twists and turns absolutelydeserve to be protected.

Said Senior Editor Tom Brevoort, "As folks will soon see, YOUNG AVENGERS is chockfull of mystery. Each of these kids carries a secret in his past, a secret thatconnects in some way to the glorious history of the Avengers. Readers will learnone of these secrets at the end of issue #1, which will plunge the team into itsfirst epic adventure...and each issue thereafter will unveil furtherinformation as to who these kids are and what they're about -- it should make fora satisfying ride for Marvel fans old and new."

A monthly ongoing title, YOUNG AVENGERS teams Marvel Young Gun Jim Cheung with TVsuperstar writer Allan Heinberg (The O.C., Sex and the City, and Party of Five) --Marvel EIC Joe Quesada can't wait for fans to read the book, "...toosoon to talk about, but I think that fans will see on the very last page of issue#1, how the entire Marvel Universe will end up somehow revolving around the eventsthat happen in YOUNG AVENGERS. I can say no more lest I find Nick Fury waitingfor me in a dark alley."

Fans can now view the first eight pages of YOUNG AVENGERS #1 on Marvel'sofficial site at http://www.marvel.com/company/showarticle.htm?id=56

...and retailers have until Thursday, January 20th to place guaranteed orders,with the book going on sale Wednesday, February 9th!

DEC041734 YOUNG AVENGERS #1 $2.99 ON SALE 2/9/2005

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