Marvel Previews for 5/10: "X-Men: Deadly Genesis" #6, "Annihilation: Super-Skrull" #2 & More

Marvel Comics has released preview images from May 10th shipping titles "X-Men: Deadly Genesis" #6, "Annihilation: Super Skrull" #2, "Last Planet Standing" #1 and lettered pages from "Cable/Deadpool" #28. Click the images below to enlarge.

Written by Tom DeFalco

Pencils & Cover by Pat Olliffe

At last! The long awaited sequel to last year's surprise hit, the sold-out LAST HERO STANDING, which Ray Tate of Silver Bullet Comics called "a comic book mini-series that's worth buying!"

For centuries beyond reckoning, Galactus has consumed entire worlds to satiate his never-ending quest for sustenance, but now he has a new plan--one which may threaten the very existence of the entire Universe! Featuring: the mighty Thor, the Warriors Three, the Avengers, Spider-Girl, the Fantastic Five and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard!

32 PGS./All Ages ...$2.99


Written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach

Penciled by Greg Titus


The Fantastic Four's enemy may prove the galaxy's savior as Super-Skrull crusades against the Annihilation Wave! Pitted against an enemy superweapon, Super-Skrull's quest takes him behind enemy lines, where an evil scientist and a planet of alien scum may be his only hope for victory!

32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99


Written by Fabian Nicieza

Penciled by LAN MEDINA

Cover by DAVE ROSS

"Domino Principle" Part 1 (of 2)

DOMINO is hired to stop DEADPOOL's activities in the Central European country of Rumekistan, only to learn he plans to assassinate the country's imposed ruler, the international terrorist named FLAG-SMASHER. Should she stop him? Will her decision be influenced when she finds out DP was given his mission by... CABLE?!

32 PGS./Rated T+ ...$2.99

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X-Men: Deadly Genesis Conclusion Leads Into Brubaker's Uncanny X-Men Run

The hit X-Men series that spun out of House of M reaches it jaw-dropping conclusion in X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6. This ending is one not to be missed as the ramifications of this issue lead directly into X-Men: Deadly Genesis writer Ed Brubaker's run on Uncanny X-Men beginning with issue #475.

Adam Chapman of Comixtreme.com said, "Without a doubt, with this mini-series Ed Brubaker is telling one of the best written X-Men stories that's been published…His work is a breath of fresh-air, providing a classic X-Men story, yet in a modern style and utilizing a modern sensibility, finding each character's voice and making it all work and mesh together beautifully."

Humphrey Lee of Ain't It Cool News said, "I think when this is all said and done it's going to go down as one of the more important X-Men stories."

The extra-length finale of X-Men: Deadly Genesis answers all the questions that Ed Brubaker and Trevor Hairsine have been building for 5 issues including what happened to the third Summers brother, what is Xavier's dark secret, and what really happened on Krakoa all those years ago?

X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 is an issue not to be missed because this senses-shattering conclusion will affect the X-Universe for years to come.

X-MEN: DEADLY GENESIS #6 (of 6) (FEB062063)

Written by ED BRUBAKER



The extra-length finale of this best-selling shocker! All the secrets are revealed -- Who is the third Summers brother and what happened to him? What really happened on Krakoa all those long years ago? And why has Xavier been keeping it to himself for so long? All this, and the all-out battle between the X-Men and their newest, deadliest foe, and a conclusion that will set-up events that rock the X-universe for years to come-starting when Ed Brubaker jumps to UNCANNY X-MEN this June!


FOC - 4/20, On Sale - 5/10/2006

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