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[Marvel Comics]Marvel's regular press conference, which actually hasn't been held in months, took place once again today with members of the press firing up their speakerphones struggling to hear the voices on the other end hoping to get the scoop on what's next for Marvel. Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, Marvel COO Bill Jemas, Marketing Communications Manager Bill Rosemann and Editor Axel Alonso were all in attendance.

While no major announcements were made, Marvel spent time reacquainting fans and retailers with what to expect in the coming months, throwing in a few spicy tid bits thrown in for flavor.

  • With regards to Kevin Smith's much discussed Black Cat mini-series for the publisher, Marvel announced the book will solicit in June with the title "Spider-Man: The Evil That Men Do." Terry Dodson will handle the art chores.
  • In May "Tangled Web #14" will be written by Brian Azzarello who's working with WWF SuperStar Raven on a story about the wrestler from Spider-Man's origin.
  • This June "Tangled Web #15" will find creator Paul Pope handling the writing and art duties.
  • Also in June comes a new 64 page one-shot titled "Spider-Man: Sweet Charity" written by Ron Zimmerman with art by Darick Robertson and Rodney Ramos with covers by J. Scott Campbell. Alonso described it for everyone: "Spidey is forced to spend a weekend in the woods with JJJ, as they've been auctioned off in a celebrity auction where they have to spend 48 hours together. The Scorpion of course seeing this as an opportunity to get two birds with one stone."
  • Bill Jemas noted that sales on "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther" and "Spider-Girl" are low. "They're doing DC Numbers," joked Jemas. To keep each book alive for another year the company will be increasing the price of each book by a quarter. All three books will continue to publish and the previously announced cancellation of "Spider-Girl" has been rescinded.
  • When Joe Quesada was asked about the latest with "Marvels and Miracles," a project announced last October that finds Neil Gaiman writing for the publisher with all profits going to pay legal fee's in Gaiman's law suit with Todd McFarlane regarding Miracleman rights, Quesada declined to comment adding that's for Gaiman to address and not him.
  • This past weekend Rich Johnston posted a note in his All The Rage column that Marvel Comics and Oni Press were working on a "Marvel Knights" type of deal that would find Oni Press taking over a small portion of their publishing line. During the press conference Quesada was asked about such a deal and responded with "Rich has a great imagination."

Special thanks to Augie De Blieck Jr.

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