Marvel Powers United Release Date Revealed, Black Panther Confirmed

The release date for the virtual reality game Marvel Powers United has been revealed in a trailer that also confirms that Wakandan superhero Black Panther will be playable. Black Panther’s inclusion was teased earlier in the week in a short video posted to the official Oculus Rift Twitter account that read, “All hail the king.”

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Today, Black Panther has officially be revealed as a playable character alongside 17 other characters, all of whom will be included at launch. Some of those characters include the likes of Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool and the Incredible Hulk.

Marvel Powers United is the product of a partnership between Marvel Games, Sanzaru Games and Oculus Studio. The game is designed for virtual reality, specifically the Oculus Rift VR headset. The game support co-op play and will feature eight villains to battle across 10 locations from the Marvel Universe.

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Marvel Powers United will release for the Oculus Rift on July 26 and will sell for $39.99. So far, seven character have been revealed as playable for the game. It’s likely the remaining roster will be revealed before the game ships in July, a little under a month from now.

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