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15 Marvel POP!s You Never Knew Funko Made

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15 Marvel POP!s You Never Knew Funko Made

Funko POP!s are everywhere these days. When a new pop culture movie comes out, you can guarantee that you’ll see a line of big-headed figures on store shelves. They’re a phenomenon that’s here to stay, and it’s just a simple fact of life now (how many Star Wars figures do they have these days?). Due to the increasing popularity of superheroes, Funko has taken their time to create hundreds of different POP! figures based on Marvel characters. Whenever a new MCU movie comes out, you can bet that Funko is already on the job. They’ve also done a lot of work with heroes and villains strictly from the comics to create some unique and exclusive figures.

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They have since put together a massive line of Funko POP! figures centered around Marvel Comics. While this had led to the creation of many different Spider-Man, Deadpool, and Wolverine figures, Funko has created some others that likely won’t ring a bell with you. Whether they’re different versions of established characters or figures that are so rare you haven’t even heard of them, we’ve crafted a list of 15 Marvel POP!s you never knew Funko made, so get ready for some adorable variants on some little-known characters.


One of the first Marvel figures Funko made was Iron Man. Naturally, they were going to use him as a template to create figures of the other various suits. When it came time for Iron Man 3 to hit theaters, Tony Stark created a lot of different suits, which Funko used to create an equal amount of different Iron Man figures.

In the comics, this suit was designed for exactly what the name entails: traveling to deep space. The suit wasn’t as combat-ready as some of the others due to how much power it requires to sustain constant flight in the vacuum of space, but it was still fairly useful. Tony would later create a much more updated version that contained all of the features he needed.

14. SPIDER-MAN 2099

spider-man 2099 pop

Spider-Man became much more than a kid bitten by a spider. He became a symbol for many of the weaker people in the world who wanted to do good. That’s why Peter Parker isn’t the only one to take up the mantle of the wall-crawler. In the year 2099, it would become Miguel O’Hara who would become the new Spider-Man.

Becoming one of the more popular variations of the Marvel hero, he would appear in a few different sources of Marvel media, like Ultimate Spider-Man and the upcoming LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2, but Funko also took notice of this character. They created a figure with that sleek blue suit. However, we wish that there were more physical distinctions with the red patterns on its body. It’s all one layer, and that’s a darn shame.

13. Grinning Ultron


This one is not on the list because there’s anything particularly special about it. It’s simply on the list because one would think that a simple expression wouldn’t be enough to constitute an entirely new figure. Nonetheless, we got it and the Grinning Ultron figure is on the shelves to buy. The design is from Avengers: Age of Ultron and the only difference is that his mouth is open, showcasing the red line that was classic in the comics.

While we wouldn’t necessarily say that Ultron is “grinning,” we do like the contrast of the red to the silver, and the overall detailed look of the character from the film. A figure based on the comic version would’ve been a little more welcome in this situation, but we’ll take what we can get at this point.


We all know Daredevil as the red-suited Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. However, he didn’t always wear that classic bright red costume. Back in the old days, he had a yellow suit, which was criticized by many until Jeph Loeb came on the scene with Daredevil: Yellow, which explained why Matt Murdock chose that costume. We won’t spoil it here, as we encourage you to read that storyline.

Of all of the costumes, Funko decided to pick the yellow Daredevil suit for a figure. It’s all too easy to imagine people seeing it and laughing at how ridiculous it looked. Clearly, it’s something that only


Eddie Brock is mostly known as the guy who became Venom, but that would not be the end of his legacy. When diagnosed with cancer (after no longer having the Symbiote), he was given a procedure by Mr. Negative. The man’s powers combined with the leftover pieces of the Venom Symbiote to create an entirely new entity known only as Anti-Venom.

Brock was in full control this time and could use this new body to cure diseases rather than destroy the world. But because of how little Anti-Venom appeared in the comics, we were shocked to see Funko make a figure based on the character. Having the jagged black and white design on store shelves made the character stand out in a crowd, and caught the eyes of many buyers walking around. He’s a Symbiote that we would love to display.


You never know what to expect with Deadpool. This guy is just eight levels of crazy and has the constant sporadic behavior to prove it. One minute, he could be fervently chopping up bad guys to save the day, and the next, he could be trying to catch all 151 Pokemon on his GameBoy.

Funko used these traits to their advantage, as they created several different Deadpool figures to reflect that. Among them was the Bath Time Deadpool POP!. It showed the Merc with a Mouth sporting a shower cap on his head and a rubber ducky in his hand. Why would Deadpool shower with his entire outfit on, you ask? Well, because he’s Deadpool, of course! Fans of the character would be remiss to not get this figure.


Taskmaster POP

Taskmaster is another interesting Marvel character. After being injected with a special serum, he gained the ability to watch anyone’s fighting style and instantly replicate it, using it against his opponents to not only defeat them, but pretty much humiliate them too. There are few people who’ve ever been able to defeat him, and he remains one of the toughest characters in the Marvel Universe. He even started his own training academy.

Without a proper appearance in the MCU (his closest one being in Ultimate Spider-Man), few people would be familiar with this character. This didn’t stop Funko from putting together a figure for him, which could only be found at Walgreens. He keeps the trademark skull mask as well as his sword and shield. All in all, it’s an excellent figure.


squirrel girl pop

Squirrel Girl is very much a hero who gained popularity just because of how obscure she was. It’s ridiculous to think that Marvel Comics would’ve created a fairly recent superhero who is based around animals that we regularly see stealing bird seed in our backyards. Nonetheless, with the character set to make her MCU appearance in the near future, it was only a matter of time before Funko got their hands on her.

Sporting all of the squirrely traits from the comics, the Squirrel Girl figure is every bit as cute and weird as you’d expect. Don’t expect to see it placed in Walmart or Target, though, because she was only available through the Marvel Collector Corps subscription service. If you like Funko and Marvel, we suggest you check it out.


US Agent Pop

If you’re not familiar with U.S. Agent, raise your hand. If you haven’t raised your hand, you’re probably lying. It’s easy to tell by his design that U.S. Agent must have some connection to the Sentinel of Liberty himself, Captain America. Well, when Cap dropped the mantle for a while, it was military agent John Walker who stepped in his shoes. Instead of naming himself Captain America, he simply called himself U.S. Agent.

It’s hard to say what motivated Funko to make a figure of this character. Perhaps it was his inverse Captain America design or his relationship with the character. Either way, seeing a black Captain America costume is more than enough to get people interested, though we’re not sure that people would lose their minds over this figure.


jane foster thor

When Marvel launched their “All-New All-Different” line, they changed a lot of conventions about their big and most popular characters. One character that received a big change was Thor. Instead of Mjolnir being wielded by the Odinson, it was instead held by none other than Jane Foster. This presented an interesting change for the future of Marvel Comics, and many people were talking about this new direction.

Despite many of the different characters introduced in this run, Funko only seemed to take Lady Thor into mind. Totally Awesome Hulk, the black-suited Daredevil, and more wouldn’t be around to see their own figures get made. However, seeing a woman version of Thor is different enough that people would be more motivated to add it to their Marvel collection.


Blade isn’t nearly as popular as he used to be. Back in the early 2000s, he was one of the few superhero movie franchises, and the only one to go for an R rating. While the first film was a success, the series quickly went downhill and the character wouldn’t be heard from for a long time. We’re still unsure if Marvel has  movie plans for the character, but we do know he’ll be part of Spirits of Vengeance in the comics.

However, Funko still remembers the popularity this character once had in the mainstream audience and created a figure of him. Instead of just going with a blank expression, though, they smartly added him showing his teeth to signify his vampiric origins. That way when you see this figure with your friends, it’s not only the comic book lover who will know what Blade is all about.


Loki first appeared in Thor all those years ago, and part of his arc was that he was a Frost Giant rather than an Asgardian. This allowed him the power to use Frost Giant weaponry as well as try to destroy Jotunheim itself. His true parentage would lead him to become a much greater villain in the long run, always ready to stab Asgard in the back when he can.

While we always knew we would get a Loki figure, many didn’t expect to get a variant where he had the blue skin and red eyes of his Frost Giant form (when he gets close to ice that is). Most people still don’t know that it exists, because it was exclusive to New York Comic Con all the way back in 2014. If you’re enamored by this figure, good luck trying to get one for yourself.


compound hulk pop

When it comes to the Hulk, the only type of villain that exists is the one that has more power. Hulk vol 2 #30 involved a being named Xemnu who has come to Earth to challenge the Hulk, only to be faced by the Red Hulk. When the green Hulk joins the fray, Xemnu summons an army to fight them. However, the existence of the world is threatened as a result, so Xemnu merges the two Hulks to create the Compound Hulk.

This version of the Hulk has not appeared many times, and few people are aware of the character. Yet Funko likely picked this design anyway because of how unique it was. How often are you going to see a Hulk figure that is green on one side and red on the other?
fans of the character will want to have, and the rest of the “casual Marvel fans” aren’t going to give it a second thought.


Spider-Man has received many different suits over the years, whether he designed them or got them from somebody else. One suit was the sleek stealth suit that was as functional as you’d expect. It allowed him to sneak behind enemy lines and stalk potential criminals. The black allowed him to sneakily operate at night while the neon green provided a nice contrast to look cool in each panel.

While there are many Spider-Man suits, the design of the Stealth Suit is easily why Funko picked it for a new figure. Fans of the character would go nuts over this look, whether they recognized it or not. Be ready to go to the mall, though, as the Stealth Suit Spider-Man is exclusive to Hot Topic stores only.


weapon x funko pop

Wolverine has received a lot of attention over the years, be it in the X-Men franchise or another form of Marvel media. It’s easy to see that Funko would create many different figures based around the character, considering the Canadian mutant’s immense popularity. We’ve seen his design from the films as well as the comics, but the one that many don’t remember is the Weapon X look as seen in Wolverine’s many origin retellings.

Sporting this fashionable psychedelic helmet, we can almost imagine the savagery that took place in Logan’s mind when he was being turned into a dark, admantium-filled killing machine. On top of that, we also get a lot of the cords and cables that allowed the scientists to test him, adding some color and detail to the bobble-head.

Are there any obscure Marvel characters or looks you wish were POP!s? Let us know in the comments!

blade, hulk, wolverine
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