Marvel Planning Short Films To Introduce Secondary Characters?

Fans of Doctor Strange, Luke Cage and other second tier Marvel heroes might not have to wait much longer to see these characters on the big screen, as a new rumor suggests that the studio's B-listers could wind up in theaters soon — though not necessarily in the manner you're expecting.

The folks at Latino Review report that Marvel Studios is considering the idea of putting "10 minute short films in front of their feature length movies that will introduce secondary characters." This follows on the CHUD report from April saying that Marvel was mulling over the idea of lower budget feature films starring these less familiar second tier characters. According to this latest rumor, Marvel is eyeballing an even more financially viable option by pursuing shorts and attaching them to big budget spectacles like The Avengers to draw new eyes to Marvel's stable of heroes.

There's nothing confirmed about the rumor at the moment, but I'm all in favor of the idea. The short film isn't quite a lost art, but it's one that doesn't get enough mainstream play these days. Shorts focusing on Luke Cage and Iron Fist cleaning up the streets, or Black Panther ripping through a battlefield, or any number of other possibilities could be truly amazing to see on the big screen — not to mention a very nice way to break the ice towards a full-length feature film.

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