Marvel Officially Changes Spider-Gwen to Ghost Spider

It was only last week that Marvel played coy, teasing the continuation of Spider-Gwen's superhero antics in a new series, one that was advertised as the beginning of the Ghost Spider. By all accounts, it seemed like Marvel was set on changing the character's unique moniker, in order to set her apart from the rest of the Spider-related characters.

Well, now it has been made official: Spider-Gwen is getting renamed to Ghost Spider. The announcement was made Friday afternoon during Marvel's Spider-Man panel at Comic-Con International in San Diego, where it was confirmed that the new series starring the character would be name Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider.

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This change makes a whole lot of sense, given that the character was never actually called Spider-Gwen in-universe. While this was the name of the series, Gwen Stacy's alter-ego was actually Spider-Woman.

However, given that there is already a Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) in Marvel's comics, the moniker Ghost Spider will allow this Gwen Stacy to stand apart. What's more, this is a name that actually goes nicely with the character's white costume.

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The new series Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider, which will be written by Seanan McGuire and illustrated by Rosi Kampe with covers done by Bengal, is set to spin off of the events of Spider-Geddon. Spider-Geddon #0 will begin with an issue #0, which goes on sale Sept. 26.

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