Marvel NOW! Teaser Shatters and Divides Ms. America, Doctor Doom

Following yesterday's Marvel NOW! teaser focusing on Black Panther and Prowler, the publisher has released a new double-sided image touting the initiative from artist Mike Deodato. The teaser, which debuted on Comic Vine, features "Ultimates" team member Ms. America and new "Invincible Iron Man" supporting player Victor Von Doom, both shattered and "divided" like the heroes in previous teasers.

Previous teaser images featured Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther.

Marvel NOW! originated in fall 2012 as a relaunch to the publisher's lineup in the aftermath of "Avengers vs. X-Men" event. Though details are slim, it looks like this new Marvel NOW! -- spinning out of "Civil War II" -- will have a similar impact on the publishing line. The special Marvel NOW! "Previews" arrives on July 13 with more information about the initiative.

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