Marvel NOW! Teaser Makes Humphries and Garney "Killers"

UPDATE: CBR has heard from Marvel that, much like the teasers for Matt Fraction's "Fantastic Four" and "FF" teasers in August, the "Wanted" and "Killers" teasers are connected.

In a double-whammy of Marvel NOW! teaser goodness, Comics Alliance has posted a second teaser following today's earlier reveal of Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca's "Wanted" teaser. The new image features "The Ultimates" writer Sam Humphries and "Ultimate Comics: Captain America" artist Ron Garney together over the word "Killers" in purple.

As the fourth teaser in the second round of Marvel NOW! books, Humphries and Garney's "Killers" teaser continues the trend of mystifying readers as to what the book could be. The Marvel Universe has many killers, and the color purple is associated with any number of them -- Norman Osborn's Green Goblin and the Purple Man -- but everything is set to change when "Avengers Vs. X-Men" wraps at the end of September, so whoever the "Killers" are is anybody's guess.

Today's teasers follow a number of other images released by the publisher this week including Dustin Weaver's interlocking "Avengers" covers depicting Jonathan Hickman's roster for Earth's Mightiest Heroes in a post-"AvX" world, Daniel Way and Steve Dillon above a targeted "Lightning" and Dennis Hopeless and Kev Walker above a blood-spattered "Survive."

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