Marvel NOW! Rises From "Civil War II's" Ashes In Marvel's October Releases

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This October, "Civil War II" will conclude and receive a one-shot dealing with the fallout. But from that ending comes the beginning of almost a dozen Marvel NOW! series. And on top of that, new storylines will rock the mutants' world in Marvel's X-Men line. To highlight some of the events coming up in a few months, CBR has scoured Marvel's October solicits for the biggest developments.

  • "Civil War II" concludes with issue #7.

  • "Civil War II: The Oath" one-shot will see Iron Man and Captain America seeking advice from the one man they trust, Steve Rogers.

  • First issues arrive from "Champions," "The Clone Conspiracy," "Prowler," "Infamous Iron Man," "Great Lakes Avengers," "Solo," "Doctor Strange & the Sorcerers Supreme," "Mosaic," "Jessica Jones," "Cage!," "Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice," "Deadpool: Back in Black," "Deadpool: Too Soon?," "Enchanted Tiki Room" and "Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - The Sailor."

  • A new wave of hip-hop variants will arrive on "Champions," "Prowler," "Infamous Iron Man," "Black Panther," "Great Lakes Avengers," "Solo," "Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme," "Mosaic," "Jessica Jones" and "Cage!"

  • Someone "in the Amazing Spider-Man's orbit" will die in "Amazing Spider-Man" #19.

  • Doctor Octopus returns in "Amazing Spider-Man" #20.

  • Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Storm round out the "all-new, all-different" Crew in "Black Panther" #7.

  • "Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme" begins and will include Merlin, the Ancient One, Wiccan and others.

  • "Ms. Marvel" #12 will feature a bonus 10-page Red Widow story.

  • Baron Mordo returns in "Doctor Strange" #12 and #13.

  • One of Ulysses' visions puts Miles Morales on the most wanted list in "Spider-Man" #9.

  • Mjolnir gets an origin story in "Mighty Thor" #12.

  • The author of "William Shakespeare's Star Wars," Ian Doescher, will turn in a 60-page Shakespearean Deadpool story in "Deadpool" #21.

  • The body of "The Fallen" hero - possibly Bruce Banner - will be taken by the Hand for resurrection in "Uncanny Avengers" #15.

  • "New Avengers" comes to an end with #17, "Astonishing Ant-Man" wraps up this volume with #13, and "Vision" finishes its run with #12

  • Riri Williams taks her first steps towards becoming Iron Man in "Invincible Iron Man" #14.

  • "Death of X" launches with two issues, which reveal what Cyclops and Emma Frost did in the eight-month post-"Secret Wars" gap.

  • "Enemy of the State II" kicks off in "All-New Wolverine" #13.

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