"Marvel NOW!" Magazine to Preview New Series Post-"Civil War II"

Marvel is set for another major publishing initiative, this time kicking off this fall following "Civil War II." As teased in the "Civil War II Daily Bugle Newspaper" released today, the publisher will return to the "Marvel NOW!" branding, first used in 2012 in the aftermath of "Avengers vs. X-Men," for its latest crop of new series and new status quos.

Readers will get a first look at the line in the "Marvel NOW! Previews Magazine," available in stores on July 13. Much like last year's "Marvel Previews" supplement that revealed the post-"Secret Wars" "All-New, All-Different Marvel" lineup, it'll reveal new creative teams and new series for Marvel's lineup going forward after a major event (though "Civil War II" will be relatively early in its run by mid-July).

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"Marvel NOW! is about the future of the Marvel Universe," Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said in a press release. "We're excited to provide fans with a snapshot of things to come right before San Diego Comic-Con. Fans can look forward to hearing about brand new titles, returning favorites and even some shocking status quo shifts that are sure to keep fans guessing all the way through 'Civil War II.'"

Though it's not yet clear how extensive the changes brought by the new "Marvel NOW!" will be, Marvel has established something of a pattern with line-wide refreshes in the fall, including the original "Marvel NOW!," "All-New Marvel NOW!" and last year's "All-New, All-Different Marvel." This publishing cycle resembles a shift towards something of a "seasonal model" for comics, which Alonso has been a proponent of in the past.

"All of this grows out of our larger philosophy that the comic industry is moving into a seasonal model, that isn't too unlike what you see with your favorite binge-worthy TV shows," Alonso told CBR in June 2015 when discussing "All-New, All-Different Marvel." "Every year or so, you offer a new story or direction that provides an accessible entry point to new readers that builds on the experience you've been providing current readers. Sometimes that change is subtle; sometimes that change is seismic -- depends on the character or where the story is going. Each year or so of publishing provides a wild ride that offers some sense of completion, but, of course, doesn't finish the story. That's where the next 'season' picks up."

The "Marvel NOW! Previews Magazine" will be available on July 13. "Civil War II" #1, by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, is on sale next Wednesday, June 1.

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