Marvel Just Introduced All-New, Even More Sinister Punisher

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for The Punisher #6 by Matt Rosenberg, Szymon Kudranski, Antonio Fabela and Cory Petit, in stores now.

When writer Matthew Rosenberg decided to have Frank Castle make amends for joining Hydra during Secret Empire, we all knew the Punisher would have a lot of making up to do. He started by taking out the Mandarin as he targeted the remnants of the terrorist organization even while Baron Zemo was in the opening stages of reviving it. This led to Zemo becoming Frank's main target, although the villain's current status as an official representative for the country of Bagalia has made him more difficult to get to than he might otherwise have been.

Frustrated, Frank has ramped up his war campaign on Zemo's cohorts, brushing aside everyone in his way, be they hero or villain. This led to Nick Fury Jr. betraying the Punisher and turning him over to Zemo because he was getting way out of control, a move that has resulted in Frank being tortured, both physically and mentally. The biggest blow, however, just hit; Zemo has introduced an all-new and even more sinister version of the Punisher in the shape of Jigsaw.

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Jigsaw is Frank's eternal enemy, returning from the dead every time the Punisher thinks he's put him six feet under. Now, he's part of the Zemo/Fury coalition that brought Frank to Bagalia. It's a cruel twist of fate, as Frank is forced to watch television broadcasts across the world capturing Jigsaw disguised as him, slaughtering people in Bagalia. Zemo is framing the Punisher, ensuring that no one will come looking for the vigilante.

He toys with Frank as they look on at Jigsaw, whose face has been "fixed" to look like Frank's, as he goes on this no-holes-barred rampage. It's not revealed what, exactly, has been done to Jigsaw's face, but the resemblance he now holds to Frank Castle is uncanny. He's even wearing the Punisher's actual uniform to use to make the ruse feel even more real. While he doesn't express any words, it's obviously painful for Frank to watch his mortal enemy masquerading as him, mowing down everyone in his path.

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Jigsaw played a big role in ruining Frank's life; he was hired to assassinate him as Billy Russo after the Punisher's family was killed by the mob. He failed, and Frank would end up scarring him in battle, thus igniting their undying feud. It's one of the most sadistic things Zemo could do : In order to break the Punisher, he has to attack both his mind and his body. Salt is rubbed into the wound as Zemo also carves a skull into his chest, reminding him he'll never be able to escape his past.

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Thanks to Jigsaw, the Punisher is officially viewed as a villain. After all, even those heroes who have been willing to extend Frank the benefit of the doubt in the past will have a hard time overlooking him committing mass murder in Bagalia. This is Zemo at his most cerebral, digging the soldier a hole he may never be able to fully crawl out of. Even if he escapes (and we know he will), the Punisher will find himself being hunted like never before.

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