Marvel Announces New Mutants: War Children From Sienkiewicz, Claremont

Legendary comics creators Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz will reunite for a New Mutants: War Children, a one-shot comic due out on Sept. 18.

The New Mutants were initially introduced in a graphic novel by Claremont and Bob McLeod in 1982 before getting their own ongoing title, which ran from 1983 until 1991. The team for War Children consists of original members Samuel Guthrie/Cannonball, Xi'an Coy Manh/Karma, Danielle Moonstar/Mirage, Roberto da Costa/Sunspot and Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane. They'll be joined by later recruits Douglas Ramsey/Cypher and Illyana Rasputin/Magik. McLeod was replaced on the series by Sal Buscema and, in New Mutants #18, by Sienkiewicz.

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According to the solicit, the issue will see the New Mutants dealing from a nightmare that causes Warlock to go crazy. The comic will feature a guest appearance from Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat. You can read the solicit and see Sienkiewicz' cover for the one-shot below.


  • Written by Chris Claremont
  • Art and cover by Bill Sienkiewicz
  • STRONG AND FREE! Don’t miss this momentous event as legendary creators CHRIS CLAREMONT and BILL SIENKIEWICZ reunite with Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Cypher, Mirage, Karma, and Sunspot to share this never before told story of the New Mutants’ past! When Warlock experiences a nightmare, he begins going haywire, and it’s up to his friends to save him! But as Warlock grows more frenzied, they should be worrying about being able to save themselves…and doubly so when Magik’s inner demon, Darkchylde, threatens to break free! Also, a special guest appearance by none other than Kitty Pryde!

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New Mutants: War Children #1 releases Sept. 18.

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