The New Female Thor May Be the Strongest Thunder God Yet

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Dead Man Logan #11, by Ed Brisson and Mike Henderson, on sale now.

Jane Foster sent waves through the comic fandom when she picked up Mjolnir and became The Mighty Thor. While many people balked at the arrival of a new Thor -- much less a female one -- many more fans welcomed the change of status quo and fascinating stories that came along with it. Jane Foster's Thor will even co-star in Taika Waititi's follow-up to Thor: Ragnarok with the forthcoming Thor: Love and Thunder.

But Marvel, not content with just one female Thor, has created a second. This new Thor possesses all the powers of the God of Thunder, but might prove to be one of the most dangerous iterations of the Thunder God yet. Who is this mysterious new girl? Why did she gain the powers of a Thunder God? And what will happen now that she has harnessed the mantle of The Mighty Thor?

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The New Thor & Dead Man Logan

Dead Man Logan feature

To understand the context, you need to understand the story of Dead Man Logan. The twelve-issue miniseries is a follow-up to Old Man Logan, the Mark Millar story of the same name, which of course the film Logan is very loosely based on. The Old Man Logan character arrived on the scene following the death of the 616 Logan, as a result of the Secret Wars event that led to the death of every Marvel universe... for a while anyway (it didn't stick). This story is supposed to tell the final story of Old Man Logan, closing the door on this iconic iteration of the character.

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Logan is dying, but attempting to cut through the remaining loose threads still dangling in his old life. One of these loose ends is addressed in the penultimate issue of the story, Dead Man Logan #11. In it, Logan is searching for Sabretooth, who is working with the revived Weapon X program. And he isn't alone.

Danielle Cage: God of Thunder

Danielle Cage is the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. She's inherited her father's super strength and some of his durability -- though she lacks his bullet-proof skin, as proven in this issue. While she's just a young kid in Earth-616 and Captain America in Earth-15061, in Old Man Logan's timeline (Earth-807128), she's fully grown and ready to fight alongside Logan.

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The two of them spring Hulk Jr. out of Weapon X's containment, stumbling into an evil plot involving an ancient, half-rotten looking Nathaniel Essex using Hulk as a weapon. Logan springs Hulk Jr. free, with the three of them escaping in a vehicle... or at least attempting to.

Sabretooth and the Weapon X Program guards manage to shoot down Logan's car, sending them hurdling to the resting place of Mjolnir, a holy site in this world. Sabretooth,  more than willing to desecrate this holy resting place with blood, orders his men to shoot Danielle and capture Logan and Hulk Jr. And they do, firing a round straight through Danielle's chest.

Danielle falls, landing on Mjolnir. But, upon hitting it, the hammer stirs, tumbling over when no one else could budge it before. The guards, stunned, recoil, aware that no one has been deemed worthy of Mjolnir since Thor's demise. Danielle, knowing this means something, reaches out and takes the hammer.

female thor cage dead man logan

Danielle is immediately is granted the powers of Thor, reviving her in glorious, explosive fashion. Now, it is important to remember that Jane Foster matched Thor's strength while dying of cancer. She had no additional abilities before picking up that hammer -- and, in fact, was very weak. Without the powers of Thor, the Asgardian himself is often far weaker.

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Few, save for perhaps Beta-Ray Bill, came to claim the powers of Thor with superpowers already. If Mjolnir's powers stack on top of Danielle Cage's already great endurance and strength, it's possible this Thor might be among the strongest yet. This is especially true if, thanks to the same universe-crossing that led to Old Man Logan reaching the Earth-616, it helps Danielle come home.

Oh, and by the way, this makes Danielle Cage both worthy of being Thor and Captain America, a title she has also carried with distinction elsewhere.

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