Marvel Debuts New Fantastic Four Costumes

WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for Marvel Two-in-One #4 by Chip Zdarsky and Valerio Schiti, in stores March 14.

The Fantastic Four are dead; Long live the Fantastic Four!

Marvel Two-in-One may not reveal it by name, but it is first and foremost a series about Marvel's first family of superheroes. It's a series about life and death, lies and truth, and dangers and pure adventure.

Reed and Sue Richards are missing, believed dead by Ben Grimm. But despite knowing Marvel's first couple are dead, Ben lies to Johnny Storm to save his friend from his downward spiral, telling the Human Torch that the rest of their family is lost somewhere in the multiverse. Of course, what Ben doesn't know is that his lie is actually the truth; Reed, Sue and their children are literally rebuilding the multiverse, in the far reaches of space and reality.

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However, another wrench was thrown in Ben and Johnny's way when they learned, thanks to the discovery of brilliant new character Rachna Koul, that their powers are fading at an alarming rate. The only way to restore them to their full potential is to close the gap of the cosmic energy that binds the Fantastic Four together, and reunite the family. To do so, the new trio has no choice but to travel the multiverse -- and for that new adventure, the three space explorers will require new costumes.

Marvel Two-in-One new Fantastic Four costumes

The new costumes are set to officially debut in tomorrow's Marvel Two-In-One #4, but have been revealed in the official preview of the issue. We can already see that the outfits' design has a more tactical and practical approach, and are essentially jackets that will allow the wearer to travel through the multiverse. Largely dominated by the color white, a few instances of light blue call back to the original Fantastic Four outfits. Then, to top it off, military green shoulders signal that this is a new take on the costumes, for a different kind of mission. As for the bottom half, the pants (and shorts) are mostly just black and tactical, with a hint of blue.

The '4' logo still has a large presence, here shifting to the shoulders. It conveys that even though they are short two team members, Ben and Johnny still embody everything about the Fantastic Four and think of themselves by that name. Even more telling is the fact that Rachna doesn't have a '4' on her sleeve, meaning that she is not set to become a replacement for Reed and Sue -- well, not yet anyway.


This new version of the Fantastic Four costumes comes as the most recent revamp the team has received in the past years. In 2010, the team went through a famous redesign that saw them ditch the color blue for black and white Future Foundation outfits, a color scheme that Marvel Two-In-One's new costumes seem to call back to. Then, after a run that saw them change into red and black outfits, Reed Richards was once again sporting blue when he was last seen in 2015's Secret Wars event.

Now that Human Torch and Thing are off to find the missing members of their family, there is no telling what costumes the team might wear when (or if) they are reunited. While it's likely they'll eventually return to their iconic blue and black, it's always fun to see our favorite Marvel heroes switch things up every now and then.

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Marvel Two-in-One #4 by Chip Zdarsky, Valerio Schiti and with a cover by Nick Bradshaw, arrives in stores Wednesday, March 14.

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