10 Characters Who Should Replace Iron Fist On Netflix With Their Own Show (And 10 That Shouldn't)

With the announcement that its second season would be the last one on Netflix, Iron Fist is the first of Netflix's Marvel shows to fall. It's not entirely without warrant: Iron Fist never could stand up to the quality of the other Netflix shows. There were numerous issuers with the first season, including weak fight choreography and a truly unlikeable lead in Danny Rand as played by Finn Jones. Beyond that, the story lacked focus, and the show was never entirely sure what it wanted to be. While some of these issues were resolved in the second season, there was still no way for Iron Fist to overcome its shortcomings -- it lacked the depth of storytelling that all of the other series benefit from.

Daredevil has its questions of morality tied into the Catholic faith. Jessica Jones deals with past trauma, abuse, and addiction. Luke Cage tackles issues of racism, crime, and poverty. Iron Fist never really seemed to have any deeper meaning, and the fact that the show featured a white man espousing the virtues of Eastern Asian culture didn't do it any favors. Now that one of the Marvel shows is gone, though, could there be a replacement? There are plenty of heroes out there who could do well in their own series, but there are also some who should probably be kept out of the spotlight. So who really deserves their own Netflix show, and who should probably just stay in their lane as a supporting character? These are ten Marvel characters who need their own show (and ten that don't deserve one).

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Audiences were already treated to a taste of what it would be like to see Misty Knight and Colleen Wing in action together, so why not go ahead and make a new Netflix show featuring the Daughters of the Dragon? Seeing as how Jessica Jones is the only female-led Marvel show, this could be a step in the right direction.

With Iron Fist ending just as we were seeing Colleen Wing take control of the Iron Fist power, it would be a shame if that story didn't get to continue. It would also be great to see the chemistry between Misty and Colleen in action more often, as their dynamic was just beginning to blossom in Luke Cage.



Echo has not yet appeared in the Netflix Marvel shows, and it's possible that she could be featured in the future, but as for having her own show, it may be too difficult. While the character is diverse, being both Native American and also deaf, it would be a challenge to write a show based around her abilities.

Echo has the ability to perfectly mimic any movement she sees, from playing the piano to martial arts. While this might be an interesting ability to see in small doses, it might not suit itself to a full 13 episodes. In addition, unlike Daredevil's blindness being augmented by superhuman senses, Echo's deafness does not give her any tactical advantage.


Ever since the premiere of season one of Daredevil, there has been one character who has dominated the story almost as much as Matt Murdock -- Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin. Vincent D'Onofrio has been praised for his portrayal of the character as a powerful but almost tragic figure, and giving him his own series might allow him to do more interesting things with the role.

The story of a Kingpin standalone series could be about Wilson's rise; how he was able to consolidate so much power and assert his status, even from his younger days. Combining a modern story with flashbacks could give the series a feeling not dissimilar from The Godfather Part II.


Elodie Yung as Elektra

Elektra was a great addition to Daredevil, but just like the attempt at giving her a film of her own, trying to stretch Elektra's story out over an entire season might just not be possible. Elodie Yung has done a great job playing the character, and she has been through a lot and seen significant development, but there's one big problem.

Elektra's story is tied too closely to Daredevil's. Trying to give her a show of her own would probably require either too many mentions of Matt Murdock or a strong connection to him, meaning Charlie Cox would have to appear in the show. At that point, it would basically be like having another season of Daredevil with slightly less Daredevil in it.


Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker

Trish Walker has been an integral part of the storyline throughout Jessica Jones. She has acted as the grounded "older sister" character, but also as someone who wants more out of their life. With the reveal at the end of season 2 that Trish has gained almost superhuman reflexes, it might not be out of the question to create a show based on her alter ego, Hellcat.

A Hellcat series could further explore issues of family history and abuse, lending the superhero series the kind of gravity that was present in Jessica Jones. Trish hasn't had the opportunity to fully show what kind of person she would be if she were fighting crime. It would be interesting to see a show that explores how Trish's rough childhood informs her work as a vigilante.


Melvin Potter Gladiator Daredevil

Savvy comic book readers were quick to pick up on the cameo of a classic Daredevil character in the first season, that being Melvin Potter, also sometimes known as Gladiator. While he was cast as a villain in Daredevil comics for a time, Potter actually became an ally to Matt Murdock in the show, crafting his Daredevil suit for him.

While Potter works as a great side character in one show, giving him his own series would be pretty awful. There's just not that much to him. He has no superpowers and no real motivation to become a crimefighter. He's just a big fan of Daredevil, and that seems like the best place for him to be.


Jessica Jones White Tiger

Originally a product of the early '70s, Marvel's White Tiger was Hector Ayala who, with the aid of dual Jade Tiger amulets, fought crime as a masked superhero. Over the years there have been multiple men and women who took the identity and made it their own, but the one we think most deserves a shot at the big time is the most recent incarnation.

The niece of the original White Tiger, Angela del Toro is an ex-FBI agent who was investigating the case of Daredevil's true identity. With that organic link from the comics already between the two heroes, it wouldn't take much to introduce her to the Marvel world that Netflix has created.


Alice Eve as Mary Walker

Mary Walker, also known as Typhoid Mary, got her proper introduction in what turned out to be the final season of Iron Fist. Alice Eve delivered an impressive performance, playing both sides of Mary very well, but could there be an entire show about Mary Walker? Probably not.

Mary worked great as a one off villain, and there's a possibility that she might be around in some of the other Netflix Marvel shows, but dedicating an entire season to her story seems like it might be exhausting. Besides, there's already a great Netflix show about a morally grey mercenary grappling with their past, and it's called The Punisher.


What Netflix could use in their Marvel shows is someone like Felicia Hardy. Hardy has found herself on both sides of the law, and would make for a great lead in a show. There are a lot of ways to interpret the character of Felicia Hardy and to have her become the Black Cat, and many of them would actually work pretty well over a series of episodes.

For example, the show could begin with Felicia's childhood, and her father pressuring her to always be the best. Then, after a personal trauma in college, Felicia drops out and begins serious martial arts training, eventually turning to a life of crime. However, with so many other criminals in the city, she eventually gets noticed by the wrong people.



With Iron Fist leaving Netflix, is fairly obvious that people just aren't really into seeing this version of Danny Rand. Finn Jones is not a terrible actor, but the way the character was written just seemed to rub people the wrong way. Even in The Defenders, it was obvious that Danny was the weak link. For all those reasons, a Heroes for Hire series should really not happen.

While it's always good to see Mike Colter as Luke Cage, it just wouldn't be worth having him lead a second show if it meant having to put up with more of Danny Rand's immaturity. The two of them might work in the comics as a team, but on screen, these heroes should just stay out of each other's ways.



It was a big deal when Deadpool, a superhero film, was given an 'R' rating. However, its success opened the door for other 'R' rated superhero films like Logan to be made. However, Deadpool didn't do it first -- that honor goes to Blade, one of the earliest Marvel films. Unfortunately, since the end of the Blade trilogy, the character has been pushed into the shadows.

This shouldn't be the case and the time is exactly right for there to be a Blade series for Netflix. Daredevil already showed that Netflix's Marvel shows can get as violent as they want, which is perfect for a series about hunting vampires in New York. Wesley Snipes may be done with the role, but there's still plenty of opportunity for Blade to rise again.


Squirrel Girl Marvel Comics

There are plenty of loyal fans out there still clamoring for a Squirrel Girl movie or even possibly a TV show (if that New Warriors thing actually ever happens). However, is Doreen Green really the Marvel character that people want to see for 13 episodes? She may be kind of a silly character and she works in small doses, but Squirrel Girl is not meant to lead an entire series.

The problem is that even if the show were comedic in tone, the joke would get old pretty quickly. Yes, it's funny that she has the powers of a squirrel, and that's probably not very useful most of the time. Beyond that, how can anyone keep the story of Squirrel Girl feeling fresh? This one is definitely a pass.


Moon Knight was practically made to have his own television show, and giving him a Netflix series would be the perfect way to tell the story of Mark Spector and his many varying personalities. Since Moon Knight is often compared to Batman, it would be important to distinguish this show and make it have its own style and personality.

So, because of Spector's many personalities and struggles with his own mental health, why not try a Westworld style time split? The series could simultaneously tell the story of Spector's origin, plus a story in the present timeline. There could also be an exploration of the effect being a vigilante superhero has on the human psyche.


Nighthawk, also known as Kyle Richmond, doesn't really deserve a show of his own. It's not just because he's not really a household Marvel name. After all, there have been plenty of B-list Marvel heroes who have over time become fan favourites due to the popularity of the MCU (seriously, did anyone know who Star-Lord was before Guardians of the Galaxy?)

There is simultaneously too much and not enough going on with Nighthawk's story to warrant a television show. His origin story as a wealthy kid who faced some hardship is not all that compelling, and his later superhero/supervillain career just gets far too muddled to have a coherent storyline over 13 episodes.


Jennifer Walters, the original She-Hulk, definitely deserves her own show. First of all, it would be great to have another Marvel show led by a female character on Netflix, but it would be refreshing to see one who doesn't have all the psychological issues and past trauma faced by Jessica Jones or Trish Walker.

Think about it this way: a She-Hulk show could be a hybrid superhero show and legal drama, with some comedy thrown in for good measure. After all, the sight of She-Hulk in a courtroom working as a lawyer would be a great juxtaposition. It could also be a great exploration of the actual legality of vigilante justice and what really happens to the criminals after they get beat up.


Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple

As wonderful as Rosario Dawson is in the role of Claire Temple, there's just no way she could have her own Netflix Marvel series. She may be the glue that holds all of the shows together now, having brought all the heroes to the same place in order to form the Defenders, but it would be difficult for her to have a show of her own.

The problem is not with Dawson or even the character herself, but rather how she functions in the stories as they are currently. Claire's role is defined by her relationships with all of New York's superpowered men and women. If she was the lead in a show, it might just end up featuring a lot of cameos from heroes, taking the focus off of her.


Yes, Ghost Rider was featured on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and he's also had two terrible movies, but let's just forget about those for now. Ghost Rider is the kind of character that is a little bit crazy, but just cool enough to work in the context of his own show. Not only is he frightening, but he is also a bit of an antihero.

Considering that there were two Ghost Riders in the history of Marvel Comics, a show could focus on the stories of both Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch, showing how the spirit of the Rider is passed from one generation to the next. It could be a meditation on inherited responsibility or sin, and like Daredevil, could tackle questions of morality and justice.


Daredevil Stone

Remember when Stone had that cameo in the first season of Daredevil? Apparently no one really does, because that was the last we ever saw of the mysterious member of the Chaste. In Defenders, Stick even says that he was the last of the Chaste, meaning Stone was probably given an unfortunate offscreen ending.

That might have been for the best though. Giving Stone his own series, or even including him in other shows, might have been too much of a stretch. After all, he's never been that important to the overall story of the Hand, and trying to bring him into the fold of Daredevil clearly wasn't going anywhere. It seems that this Stone should stay unturned (sorry).


Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu

Now that Iron Fist has left a void in the Netflix Marvel shows for another martial arts based series, why not try one out with Shang-Chi? There's definitely a way it could be done, and it might go over better to have a Chinese lead in a show about Kung-Fu rather than just another white dude.

While Shang-Chi has the power to create duplicates of himself, this is definitely something that could be worked toward in a series. That, or there could be a twist that the duplicates exhibit their own thoughts and personalities, lending the series an extra layer of thematic relevance, showing how the power takes its toll on Shang-Chi over time.


silver sable FINAL

Silver Sable is not dissimilar from Black Cat in that she is somewhere between being a hero and a villain. However, unlike Felicia Hardy, Silver Sable's story is not entirely deep enough to warrant giving her character a full on series. Due to her background as a mercenary, there's not really a lot to dive into concerning her backstory.

Silver Sable has never really been faced with any formative tragedy that could show how she ended up where she is. However, that's not to say that she couldn't work as a supporting character in other shows, particularly a Black Cat series. As for a Silver Sable standalone story, there's just not enough there.

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