This Is The Remix: 23 Crazy Fan Redesigns Of Marvel Netflix Characters

Unlike their big screen colleagues, the Netflix heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe usually prefer to keep their outfits simple. Jessica Jones and her ex-boyfriend Luke Cage seem to have a shared disdain for conventional superhero attire. The same goes for Mr. immortal Iron Fist. Frank Castle is somewhat more accepting of this trait of his chosen profession, while Daredevil remains the only fully costumed main hero on Netflix. Even some villains who traditionally appear in costumes in the comics such as Madame Gao decided to dress down for their on-screen appearance. While this is in keeping with the tone of this mini-universe Marvel created within the larger MCU, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of costume design.

While no one would vote to put Jessica into that awful leotard Trish suggested, some fans have expressed the desire to see Jess in something other than a pair of trousers and a black leather jacket. The same goes for Luke Cage and his buddy Iron Fist. Judging by the latest trailer, Danny Rand could be getting some kind of a costume in season two, but that's all speculation. Meanwhile, hard-working and talented fans are designing costumes for their favorite Netflix heroes and making us wish their designs would appear on the screen. Others weren't quite happy with Matt Murdock's fashion choices, even if he is one of the few who are willing to even put on a costume, so they re-designed his suit as well. Scroll down for our favorite Marvel Netflix redesigns.


Lewis Jones Daredevil

If you’re not a big fan of the Daredevil costume Charlie Cox uses in the Netflix show, you probably won’t be a big fan of this design either. Artist Lewis Jones’ Daredevil costumes reminds us of the hero’s current on-screen costume, as well as Deadpool’s current movie threads.

It is possible that the artist was inspired precisely by these two costumes when he designed this Daredevil suit. It’s an unusual take on the character, but it looks surprisingly good. Change doesn't have to be bad.


Calvin Lin Iron Fist

Back when Marvel announced the Iron Fist TV series a lot of fans felt that the character should be portrayed by an Asian actor. Yet, when time came, the studio decided to cast Finn Jones, an English-born Caucasian actor.

The decision didn’t sit well with everyone, as was to be expected. In response, some fans designed their own Asian-American versions of the character. Here’s how Calvin Lin imagines his Asian-American version of the immortal Iron Fist, aka Danny Rand.


Miguel Mercado Elektra

You can’t have a show about Matt Murdock without Elektra Natchios, no more than you can have it without Foggy Nelson. So, when the first season of Netflix's Daredevil went by without the Greek mercenary, we were pretty certain she’d make her entrance in season two -- which is exactly what happened.

In preparation for Elektra’s season two appearance, artist Miguel Mercado designed a brand-new costume for Elektra’s return to live action. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing this outfit on the show.


Randy Bishop Daredevil

When Daredevil first appeared on the pages of Daredevil #1 in April, 1964 his outfit wasn’t nearly as grim as the one Charlie Cox sports in the Netflix show. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen made his debut in a yellow-red costume, similar to the one you see above.

This re-design of Matt Murdock’s first superhero suit is the work of character designer and illustrator, Randy Bishop. The yellow suit has never appeared in live action, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t.


Ray-Anthony Height Luke Cage

When he first appeared in Hero for Hire #1 in June 1972, Luke Cage looked drastically different than the Luke Cage we know and love today. His costume was a lot more attention-grabbing, so to speak. Eventually though, Luke’s costume turned into a yellow T-shirt topped with a gray hoodie.

However, some fans thought the costume could use some improvements and decided to design their own versions. Ray-Anthony Height created this incredible look, which would look great on page or on the screen.


A77bert Rahimzhanov Daredevil

Marvel’s first Netflix series was Daredevil. The first season dropped in April 2015, with the third season is scheduled for a 2018 release, and Charlie Cox first put on the red Daredevil suit in the season one finale to mixed reactions.

A common point of criticism is that the suit looks too much like a tactical suit compared to the slim costume the character wears in the comics. Something like this sleek design by A77bert Rahimzhanov would have worked much better.


Calvin Lin Misty Knight

The first season finale of the mini-series The Defenders shook the lives of our heroes. Detective Misty Knight ended up losing her right arm. Luckily, Danny Rand stepped in and offered to obtain a bionic arm for Misty.

Misty Knight debuted her new arm in season two of Luke Cage and it did not disappoint one bit. The only thing missing is a superhero costume. Calvin Lin designed two awesome versions that could work incredibly well on TV.


anklesnsocks Daredevil

You probably know Kris Anka as the comic book artist behind series such as Runaways, Spider-Man, The Uncanny X-Men and Captain Marvel. However, before he became a Marvel big shot, Kris used to redesign the costumes of his favorite heroes.

As part of a project that mashes the Marvel heroes and the Tron aesthetic, Kris designed this amazing Daredevil costume. We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing this stealthy and futuristic suit on the small screen. Perhaps some time travel shenanigans could bring this future Daredevil into the present time.


Freidrick Estrada Iron Fist

Iron Fist season two is scheduled to drop on September 7th, 2018. While certainly not the most highly anticipated Marvel project of the year, Iron Fist still has our interest piqued. One of the reasons we’re mildly excited is the second season of Luke Cage, which showed us that there's still hope for Danny Rand.

Another reason, of course, is the teased superhero costume. We’re still waiting to see how Iron Fist’s comic book costume will be adapted for TV and fans have some ideas of their own. Freidrick Estrada’s take on the costume looks TV-friendly.


Toks Solarin Luke Cage

When you’re as strong as Luke Cage and you’re literally bulletproof and able to survive explosions and buildings collapsing on you, a highly protective costume is probably not high on the list of priorities. Still, you’d think Luke would at least wear something other than his usual everyday get-up while on duty.

But nope. Much like his ex-girlfriend Jessica Jones, Luke doesn’t care much for the theatrics of the profession. However, some of his fans would love to see Luke in something resembling a uniform. Toks Solarin thinks Luke Cage’s costume should look something like this.


Daniel Irizarri Oquendo Iron Fist

Finn Jones is one of the MCU heroes that has yet to suit up on the screen. Even though he’s appeared across three different shows thus far, the Iron Fist costume still hasn’t seen the light of day. In the trailer for the second season of Iron Fist, we caught a glimpse of some type of a costume or at least ceremonial attire.

Many fans are growing impatient to finally see Danny all suited up and there’s tons of fan art depicting all kinds of possible Iron Fist costumes. The one you see above belongs to Daniel Irizarri Oquendo.


Rahzzah Elektra

After the horrendous costumes Jennifer Garner was stuffed into first in Daredevil, then in her solo movie Elektra, the bar was set far too low for Marvel to mess up Elektra’s costume in their Netflix show. And for the most part, the design was a success.

It was practical and didn’t make Elodie Yung look like background dancer in a 2000s Britney Spears video. However, some fans were disappointed because it wasn’t comic book-accurate. Perhaps this design by Rahzzah would have satisfied more fans.


Korotitskiy Igor Daredevil

Ever wonder what a mash-up of Daredevil and Robocop would look like? Well, here’s your answer. Russian artist Korotitskiy Igor, who loves redesigning superhero costumes, created a very unique Daredevil suit that appears to borrow some elements from Robocop.

The helmet is adorned, of course, with slightly enlarged trademark Daredevil horns. But what makes this design stand out even more is the very unusual red with a pinkish hue and an almost neon glow, as opposed to the traditional dark red.


Calvin Lin Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing made her MCU debut in the first season of Iron Fist alongside the titular hero. She’s also made appearances in the Defenders and the second season of Luke Cage. As for her costume, the red Dojo jacket is the closest to a superhero costume we got.

However, fans such as Calvin Lin created a far better look for one of the Daughters of the Dragon. The first design is more in line with the on-screen costume, while the second one draws more inspiration from the comics. Both look awesome.


Rose Davies Daredevil

This sleek and futuristic Daredevil looks as if he dropped out of a cyberpunk movie. The suit appears to be made of a very thin and light material, increasing the Devil’s agility. The glossy red is what gives this costume a very distinct cyberpunk vibe. But while the red is rather flashy, the symbol and the horns are very discrete.

This amazing design was created by the British artist Rose Davies who usually creates concept art for video games, television and movies. Perhaps she should submit this one to Marvel.


After three lackluster Punisher films we finally have a proper live-action adaptation of Frank Castle. Punisher made his debut in the second season of Daredevil and afterwards got his own TV series which has been renewed for season two.

Praised on every level, including the costume, Jon Bernthal’s Punisher is an absolute delight. And while we love the official costume, we can’t help but love Ogi Grujic’s design just as much. The more prominent skull really sells the look.


Calvin Lin Iron Fist and Luke Cage

As part of a project titled the Supreme Avengers, artist Calvin Lin redesigned a number of Marvel characters, including the immortal Iron Fist and his best buddy Luke Cage. Calvin used characters he feels deserve more spotlight, especially minority characters and women.

If you visit Calvin’s Tumblr you can read the rebooted background stories for all the members of the Supreme Avengers. For Luke’s costume Calvin drew inspiration from S.H.I.E.L.D. and X-Men uniforms. And for Iron Fist he channeled Nightwing.


Eric Franer Daredevil

Daredevil’s comic book costume would be very difficult to pull off in live-action, so the designers on Netflix's Daredevil created a somewhat different suit for Charlie Cox. This re-design proved to be the most polarizing Daredevil costume since the armored costume from Daredevil #321.

A lot of artists around the world have thus created fan versions of the suit. The extremely thin costume shown above was designed by Eric Franer. This innovative take on the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen should definitely be used somewhere.


Corey Smith Luke Cage

Luke Cage made his first MCU appearance in the first season of Jessica Jones. The following year we got to hang out with him some more in Luke Cage. The show received mostly positive reviews and Mike Colter’s performance was praised by fans and critics alike.

The tall and handsome Colter managed to make a simple yellow T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a gray hoodie look like the coolest costume ever. Still, a few details like forearm guards wouldn't hurt the design. Just look to Corey Smith’s awesome costume for reference.


Sergey Legacy Iron Fist

Now, this one sort of reminds us of the video game Street Fighter. Plus, it’s such an impressive piece of fan art that we’d gladly use it as a wallpaper. As for the costume itself, we can only hope Finn Jones' official costume looks as awesome as this one.

This simple, yet stunning, white costume was designed by Russian artist Legacy Artplay, who also created awesome outfits for Thor, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider, which you should definitely check out.


maseOne Daredevil

Daredevil is basically a ninja. His fighting style and his parkour skills are more than enough to classify him in that category. Artist James Mason sure seems to think so, since he designed Daredevil’s costume to make Matt look like a ninja. Hence, the baggy pants and the full mask.

The red markings on the suit are there to make cool images while the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is parkouring the streets at night. This ninja attire sure is a fitting look for the Man Without Fear.


Calvin Lin Iron First Misty Knight Jessica Jones Luke Cage

The iconic comic book power couple Jessica Jones and Luke Cage already got together on screen in the first season of Jessica Jones. However, the couple is presently broken up. On the other hand, Danny Rand and Misty Knight haven’t been involved romantically in the MCU.

Artist Calvin Lin drew the couples attending a double date in full superhero attire -- just in case trouble arises while they're enjoying their meal. Calvin also designed cool costumes for the power couples. Luke is especially dashing in his vest.


John Dimayuga Jessica Jones Luke Cage

Jessica Jones’ aversion to traditional superhero attire is only matched by Luke Cage’s aversion to that same idea. The two simply prefer to run around the streets of New York in their everyday clothes. Luckily, both their closets are packed with multiple versions of virtually the same outfit.

And while we love this more grounded-in-reality approach Marvel is taking with these heroes, we can’t help but admire this awesome fan design by John Dimayuga. It still looks like a regular outfit but with a bit of superhero flair.

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