EXCLUSIVE: Marvel Finally Gets Explicit About Mystique and Destiny’s Relationship

It’s no secret among X-Men fans that Mystique and Destiny are one of Marvel’s few (and perhaps earliest) gay couples. Their romance is the stuff of legend, with Mystique considering Destiny to be her one, true love. Destiny’s death is largely considered to be the reason why Mystique fully descended into unhinged villainy, but Marvel has never been terribly explicit about their relationship.

This has changed in a major way.

A preview for History of the Marvel Universe #2 reveals the same-sex kiss Mystique and Destiny have long been denied. The issue is part of Marvel’s latest efforts to provide a definitive history for the Marvel Universe, making this moment even more poignant. While the publisher previously portrayed the two as a domestic couple, their more intimate moments were remanded to tableside talks and meaningful hand touching that would be more at home in a Victorian romance novel.

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One origin for the duo even established that Mystique had transformed into a man named Eric Raven, presumably as a front for their relationship, which would have attracted attention at a time when the two were trying to do some proper evil. So, Marvel has presented their relationship visually in the past, but in doing so it was also heavily coded, whether that be because of the now-defunct Comics Code Authority, editorial oversight or some other, unknown reason.

The fact that Mystique and Destiny are now canonically and undeniably a couple in the official history of the Marvel Universe is a major -- and welcome -- change to their often unnecessarily ambiguous relationship.

History of the Marvel Universe #2 goes on sale Aug. 21. Mark Waid writes the issue. Javier Rodriguez is the main artist. Steve McNiven provides the cover art.

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