Angela, Wiccan Join the Ranks of Marvel's Mystery Event


Marvel has begun its latest round of mystery teasers with a pair of banners promoting what appears to be the comic book publisher's next event.

The promos featured Blade, the Vampire Hunter, as well as Monica Rambeau, aka Spectrum, along with the tagline "No compromises, no mercy." No further details were included, save for the date of the mystery event's reveal: June 11.

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Marvel keeps the mystery event hype train going with two new banners; one featuring Thor's sister Angela, and the other the Young Avengers' resident sorcerer, Wiccan. These two promos also come with the "No compromises" phrase, and point to the same reveal date.

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At first, it appeared the event might be a vampire-focused story focusing on Blade. However, the addition of Spectrum, Wiccan and Angela means the scope of this mystery event has just changed to not only include the mystical, but the cosmic as well.

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Avengers #20, written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness, goes on sale June 26 from Marvel Comics. Before that, though, be sure to head to Marvel.com on June 11 for The Pull List to learn more about what "No compromise, no mercy" really means.

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