Marvel Teases a Major Murder Mystery to Close Out 2019

The Marvel Universe is about to have a murder mystery on its hands.

In a cryptic new teaser, the original Fantastic Four and several Avengers are gathered in a morgue. A body lies on the table before them; however, a white sheet covers the person's face and most of their body, keeping their identity a mystery. The text at the bottom of the image asks, "Can you solve the puzzle before the heroes of the Marvel Universe?"

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Under the tagline, the teaser boasts a large logo that cries, "Incoming!" Another Incoming! teaser dropped just last month, which showed an unknown figure wielding a sword He-Man style, with ominous-looking eyes in the background and the tag, "One will unite them!"

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"This really sets the course of what you'll see in the Marvel Universe in the years to come," Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski said of the August teaser.

The new teaser, pictured above, offers a few more clues. For one, it shows recognizable characters, like Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, Iron Man, Valkyrie, Captain Marvel and Black Panther. Further, it suggests that this is just another piece in a larger puzzle. Be sure to stick with CBR as we learn more about this Marvel event.

This latest teaser touts a release date of December 26, suggesting this murder mystery will close out 2019.

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