Marvel Movies: The Next Wave

In the past three years Marvel Entertainment has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. With the recent success of "Daredevil" the comic-based production house now has four concurrently running film franchises.  Here's the latest word on the next wave of Marvel movies.


"The Punisher" continues to be a hot project for Marvel and ArtisanEntertainment. Jonathan Hensleigh is set to make his directing debut on this one. He also wrote the first draft of the script. 

Executive Vice President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige confirmed that Michael Tolkin ("Deep Impact," "Changing Lanes") is doing a polish on Hensleigh's draft. The producer also told C2F/CBR News that, in spite of recent rumors, nobody has been signed to star in the movie yet.

In their just-released earnings report, Marvel projects a 2004 release for this movie.


Feige confirmed that Brett Leonard ("The Lawnmower Man") is nowattached to direct the movie version of Marvel's "Man-Thing." Feigewas unable to confirm reports that production could start on the film this summer.


Filmmaker David Goyer told C2F/CBR News that he'd be turning in a draft of "Blade III" this week. Goyer, who wrote the first "Blade" and wrote and produced the sequel, may be wearing a new hat in the third installment.

"There has been some talk of me directing yet, but nothing is firmyet," Goyer said.

Expect more news about this project soon. The filmmaker told us that they'll be budgeting the script soon and looking at star Wesley Snipes' schedule. Firm details are about a month away.

The aforementioned earnings report lists "Blade III" as part of Marvel's film line-up, but does not list an estimated release date, simply stating "to be determined."


Buzz has been gradually picking up on "Deathlok," Marvel's cyborgsoldier from the future.

"We'd love it to be our first movie with Paramount Pictures,"Feige said.

Newcomers Raven Metzner and Stu Zicherman have penned a script for the movie which Feige calls, "a great draft." No director is attached at thistime.

The earnings report also has "Deathlok" targeted for a 2004release.


Newcomer Tristan Patterson is the latest writer to take a pass at the script for the "Fantastic Four" movie. This is not actually new news, as the writer came on board months ago. Peyton Reed ("Bring It On") has long been attached to direct.

As with "Blade III," the "Fantastic Four's" release dateis listed in the earnings report as "to be determined."


Marvel's just-released earning report also shows "Iron Fist" and"Ghost Rider" as possible 2004 films, while "Dr. Strange" and "Namor" are targeted for 2005.

"Silver Surfer," "Iron Man" and "Prime" are alllisted as "to be determined."

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