Marvel Movie News, Punisher, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for November 5th


Numerous sources, including Yahoo! Finance and Newsarama sat in on Marvel's quarterly earnings conference call. Marvel made mention of numerous cinematic happenings, including: a PG-13 "Iron Man" planned for a 2005 release, the "Elektra" movie being a "sequel" to "Daredevil" and the two characters reuniting in "Daredevil 2," threats that "Fantastic Four" is still on track for December 2004, that "Captain America" is being trotted around to writers and directors free of litigious worries, that "X-Men 3" is tentative for 2005 or 2006 (perhaps that recent Mutant X lawsuit, which we reported on Monday, may complicate matters), and that "Hulk 2" is in development for a 2006 release after 3.5 million DVDs had been sold within seven days of the release. Plus, projects in development with indeterminate release dates include a potentially Rock-powered "Namor" at Universal, "Ghost Rider" at Sony and "Deathlok" at Crystal Sky/Paramount. Whew!


Also discussed around the web was next summer's Thomas Jane/John Travolta face off. Comics Continuum has some words from writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh, who said, "In terms of what we're putting on the screen, I think it's going to be as big as realism-based action drama that's been come down the pike for the last 20, 30 years." As well the Continuum posted a lot of images from the movie (is that Roy Scheider? Wow ...).


Hollywood North Report notes that filming has resumed on the Halle Berry-helmed flick, throughout the "the Gastown and Downtown Eastside areas of Vancouver." They also note that Frances McDormand ("Fargo," "Wonder Boys") has joined the cast and has been spotted on set, and that they have new spy photos.


Uber-producer Joel Silver spoke to the Associated Press about big screen takes on Themiscryia's Finest, saying, "Who knows? Maybe if I do 'Wonder Woman,' maybe I'll do two at the same time. It all depends on the material."


If you can't get enough of that nostalgic goodness, Kryptonsite has posted more images from tonight's episode, "Relic."


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