Adolescence Assemble!: 20 Of Marvel's Most Powerful Teen Heroes, Ranked

New threats arise in the Marvel Universe all the time, and will continue to do so for years to come. So, it's fortunate that newer heroes appear to ensure that justice is protected.  While not as experienced as some of the more seasoned superheroes, they are an indication that the future is in good hands. Whether they are mutants, naturally skilled individuals or the result of science gone awry, these youngsters are learning to use their abilities to uphold what is right in the world. There are even those who gain their powers from magic and others that are androids, assembled rather than born. As they're often inexperienced, they can be found banding together into teams. Rosters of young heroes form some of Marvel's most beloved teams, such as the Runaways, Young Avengers and Champions.

Though they don't always have the same tenure as the adult superheroes they try to emulate, some of Marvel's teen heroes are more powerful than their peers. They may not know how to fully utilize their raw power yet, but their potential is promising. Omega level mutants and sorcerers of boundless potential make up some of these young heroes. There have been instances where the adult heroes have become wary of a young hero's power and their potential to cause issues should things go wrong down the line. Gaining powers in their formative years can even help decide whether a person will be good or bad. With all that to consider, CBR checks in on the progress of some of Marvel's most powerful teen heroes.

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Miles is fairly new to the Spider-Man mantle in the grand scheme of things. Taking over as Spider-Man prime of the Ultimate universe before his transition to the Earth-616 universe, he's not only a Spider-Hero with similar powers to Peter Parker, he has powers that Parker does not.

On top of the enhanced strength, wall crawling and superhuman agility, Miles has the ability to shock his foes. These bio-electrical blasts are known as Venom Blasts and not a lot of people expect them, assuming him to be identical in arsenal to Peter. Miles can also turn invisible, giving him the ability to carry out more stealthy approaches to his crime fighting.


Xavin is one of The Runaways' extraterrestrial members, being a Skrull royal, they enjoy political power as well as super powers. They display powers similar to that of the Fantastic Four villain, Super Skrull. With these abilities they can control several cosmic elements, though they appear more inexperienced than the original Super Skrull.

Xavin is a competent hand-to-hand combatant, likely having to learn some form of martial arts as a Skrull royal. Like the rest of his race, Xavin can shapeshift, taking whatever aesthetic form they please. During a battle with Marvel Boy, Xavin had their neck broken, and survived by manipulating his shapeshifting abilities.

18 VIV

Viv is the daughter of Avengers member, Vision. She is part of the young superheroes who comprise the Champions team. Similar to her father, she can manipulate the density of her form. This density manipulation allows her to become so light she can fly, make parts of her body heavier for more impact-heavy strikes and she is able to phase through solid objects.

Created as part of Vision's attempts to become more human through practical experience, she still has a lot to learn from her father. Viv is always connected to the internet in come capacity, allowing her access to vast amounts of information to help her team.



Despite his superhero alias and his general appearance, Hulkling isn't a Hulk in the traditional sense. Teddy is actually the son of Captain Marvel and the Skrull princess, Anelle. Sharing DNA from two races who historically hate one another put Teddy in danger, so he was sent to Earth for his own safety.

Hulkling has the green skin and shapeshifting abilities of a Skrull as well as the durability and flight capabilities of his father, Captain Marvel. He also has super strength and stamina as well as the ability to have his body subconsciously adapt to situations and perils that befall him. Teddy's also shown to display a healing factor of sorts, allowing him to recover from physical damage.


Iron Lad

While Iron Lad is an impressive hero in his own right, it is who Nathaniel Richards is destined to become that makes him so powerful. Time in the Marvel Universe is a strange thing, but a powerful force to master. Iron Lad is destined to become of the Avengers' most dangerous enemies, Kang the Conqueror.

Though he fights against the idea after learning what he will become, he is to be a self-fulfilled prophecy. In order to circumvent becoming Kang, Nathaniel set about mastering time travel. In the process of trying to find his way around his fate, he becomes a master of time, becoming Kang.

15 X-23

A clone of Wolverine, Laura was created so that Weapon X could have a controllable version of Logan. Like most experiments on living beings in the Marvel Universe, this didn't last for the sinister scientists. The woman who birthed X-23, as a surrogate was required, took pity on her and helped her escape, losing her life in the process.

Vowing to do good and be better than her programming, Laura began the long journey to becoming a good person and eventually a hero. She has an incredible healing factor and adamantium claws. X-23 was once beholden to a trigger scent that would cause her to go into an uncontrollable rage, though she eventually overcame it, a testament to her resolve and willpower. She became the prime Wolverine following Logan's passing in Death of Wolverine.


Hellion X-Men

Julian Keller, while abrasive at the best of times, is an extremely powerful telekinesis wielder. His potential was spotted early on by Emma Frost, who put him in charge of her new Hellions. He was also trained by Psylocke to lead a proper X-Men team.

Julian lost his hands in the battle for Utopia in X-Men: Second Coming and now used telekinetically controlled metal hands. His application of his powers is devastating, able to decimate the Omega Sentinel entirely with them. Hellion is also recognized as one of the most powerful telekinetics by Legion, who appointed him to his Force Warriors during Age of X.


Elixir X-Men

Josh Foley has incredible healing powers. Not only can he heal himself, but he can project his healing onto others. In the past, he's helped mend everything from small cuts to fatal tumors. On rare occasions, he has displayed the ability to rebuild entire organs for people.

During Necrosha, he was able to heal the Asgardian wolf-child of Wolfsbane, showing his powers are not limited to humans and mutants. His secondary mutation allows him to do the opposite of his healing powers. Elixir has broken down people's cells to disintegrate them entirely and almost ended Magneto's Uncanny X-Men team during a wayward outburst.



The designated spellcaster of the Runaways, Nico's power comes from the Staff of One. Able to summon the artifact through bloodletting, it affords her vast magical abilities. As long as she adheres to the rules of its magic, involving unique spells, she can perform amazing feats. Nico has also developed into a competent and resourceful leader to the Runaways.

Though usually used for necessity rather than offense, Nico hasn't fully tested her powers. Theoretically, as long as she has a unique power command, her spells are limitless. Her mastery of magic has afforded her opportunities with the Avengers Academy and even A-Force during Secret Wars.


The responsibility of being a member of the Nova Corps is a bit much, even for an adult. The fact that the inexperienced Sam Alexander grew into the role so well speaks volumes. Not only that, but Sam has to contend with reigning in the power of a Black Nova helmet, a juiced up version of a regular centurion's helm.

Sam has also put what he's learned into practical application. He was responsible for warning the Earth of the Phoenix's approach prior to Avengers Vs. X-Men. He then returned at the culmination of the event to help defeat a Phoenix-powered Cyclops. Sam gained his provisional Avengers membership by going toe-to-toe with Kluh, a more powerful version of the Hulk.



Right off the bat, being that he's a Hulk, Amadeus Cho has a lot of power. He can tussle with just about any of the behemoths in the Marvel Universe. Dedicating himself to dealing with dangerous and titanic monsters worldwide, he helped make the world a safer place. His more recent work alongside the Champions have also shown his ability to work with others, becoming an indispensable member of the team.

Cho sometimes falls short of the levels of raw power akin to that of Bruce Banner, possibly due to the fact he simply can't be as angry as him. What he lacks in rage, he more than makes up for in brains. Able to leverage his vast intellect and mathematical genius while Hulked out means he is a dangerous adversary.


America Chavez is a being from another dimension and she is what is known as a Fuertona Starling. These beings are able to traverse the multiverse via star shaped portals. Besides having the amazing power to travel between realities, America has a whole host of other super powers too.

Flight, superhuman speed, strength and durability are among the powers she has displayed. The portals she uses across the multiverse can be summoned on a whim and she has heightened cosmic awareness. America is also bulletproof, resistant to elements like fire and has even been shown to have limited time travel abilities.


Iceman Secondary Mutation

Though often jovial and the much needed comic relief for the young X-Men in an often grim world, this time-displaced version of Bobby holds a lot of power. Where his older self had to have his potential forced out of him by Emma Frost, young Bobby has been brought into it in a kinder manner by his older self.

Bobby's already doing things that his older self took decades to master, showing the advantage of hindsight in effect. Given that he's an Omega level mutant at his core, the added benefit of experience tutelage means that this iteration of Iceman could be a force to be reckoned with in later life.


Gravity had the unfortunate beginning of acquiring superpowers but living in a quiet town. Idolizing the heroes he saw on TV, he moved to New York to be just like them. The learning curve was steep for the young hero, but he did well eventually. Gravity joined the Avengers Initiative and even helped during the calamity of Spider-Island.

Due to his powers having cosmic aspects, it wasn't long before he found himself fighting threats to Earth in space. During one of his missions, Gravity gave his life to save his team. He would later be revived by a cosmic being who stated he could be the protector of the universe, should he accept the responsibility. Gravity declined, stating he wanted to return to Earth and try and lead a normal life.


Kid Omega Quentin Quire

To say Quentin is a difficult individual, would be an understatement. The young mutant has an incredible depth of telepathic power, which is sometimes misused on account of his ego. Quentin is very aware of his power, and hasn't always used it for good. Quentin was behind the infamous Riot at Xaviers, where he and several student sunder his influence held the faculty to ransom for a while.

Eventually adjusting to life at the Jean Grey School, he was softened by his fellow students, helping them to defeat the Hellfire Club. Due to his power, he has been shown to catch the attention of the Phoenix Force, and be able to host the cosmic being.


Hope Summers is considered the messiah of mutantkind. Following the fateful events of M-Day, when mutants worldwide lost their powers, no new mutants were born. Their population greatly reduced, Hope was the first genuine mutant birth in years. She was immediately taken into the timestream by Cable for her protection, as the target on her was quite large.

Hope's not just a symbol of rebirth, she was chosen by the cosmic being of rebirth, The Phoenix, to be its new host. Hope refused the power, the first to do this, giving up the power without being corrupted. Her actual mutant power is the ability to replicate the powers of others and project them to powerful degrees.


Victor had the potential to be a blight on the Marvel Universe unlike any other. He was created by his father, Ultron, to become the most formidable villain the world had ever seen. Luckily, he fell in with the Runaways, and their sense of camaraderie pushed his alignment to the good end of the scale.

With tenacity and survivability akin to his despot father, Victor is extremely hard to keep down. He can survive as long as at lease one of his parts remain intact and has even stated he would sometimes prefer to remain as just a head. Still cautious he may one day become a villain, Victor uses his immense power in measured ways.


Jean Grey was always one of the most powerful mutants, owing to her connection to the Phoenix Force. However, the time-displaced Jean of the All-New X-Men would prove to have even greater potential. Managing to hold off the influence of the Phoenix Force, Jean also displays abilities far beyond anything her older self could do at her age.

After being assimilated by the Poisons during a space excursion with Venom, she was completely destroyed. Using her heightened sentience and telekinesis, she was able to piece herself back together entirely and return to Earth. This kind of unfathomable power application shows that this version of Jean has the potential to be unstoppable, even without the Phoenix.


Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards is possibly the most powerful being on Earth, let alone the most powerful teenager. Thought to be powerful on a cosmic scale before becoming an adolescent, since Secret Wars, he's had eight years of experience crafting realities.

Not only are Franklin's reality warping powers incredible, they're a result of him being a mutant. Similar to cases like Molly Hayes of the Runaways, his powers manifested early in his life and continued to get more powerful as he grew. In one potential future, he's so powerful that he can call upon Galactus to fight for him. Now, that's influence!

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