Marvel Meow Variant Covers Tell a Feline-Friendly Story

Spider-Man Cat cover

In comics, Captain Marvel has had a pet cat named Chewie for years, and the character is making the transition to film in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Although the her cinematic cat is named Goose, the cat is still set to retain some alien tendencies.

To celebrate Chewie and pretty much cats everywhere, Marvel Comics has announced that a select number of comics scheduled for a March release will include a cat-themed variant cover to coincide with Captain Marvel's wide release.

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The variant Meow Marvel covers are set to run on Daredevil #3, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #4, Meet the Skrulls #2, Thor #11 and Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2. Each cover will tell a complete 9-panel story, centering around various Marvel heroes interacting with a particular cat, most likely Carol Danvers' cat Chewie.

Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Groot, Venom and Wolverine are among the characters mentioned in the Marvel press release, with the preview art for the covers featuring Black Cat even bumping into the cat.

The art for the covers will be provided by Japanese artist Nao Fuji. The full nine-panel comics will also be released on the Marvel Instagram. Check out the previews released by Marvel below, each featuring a single panel from the various short comics.

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