Marvel, McNiven Tease "Old Man Logan" Return

Marvel's run of teaser images featuring shout-outs to past events continues today with a new look at a story that will remain firmly in the realm of "What If...?" for as long as the publisher stands its ground on Wolverine remaining dead.

Illustrated by the original story's artist Steve McNiven and released via Twitter, today's teaser is for "Old Man Logan," an eight-issue storyline written by Mark Millar. The arc ran in "Wolverine" #66-72 from 2008-09 and told the tale of what happened to the Marvel Universe from the perspective of the long-lived mutant at a point 'over fifty years in the future.' Essentially a post-apocalyptic road trip, the story featured a grizzled, old Hawkeye, inbred Hulk grandchildren, a United States divided into territories ruled by the likes of Magneto, Red Skull and Doctor Doom, and a self-exiled Logan, who had essentially seceded from the civilization after being tricked into killing his X-Men family.

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As with the previous teasers -- which hyped past storylines including "Infinity Gauntlet," "House of M," "Years of Future Past" and more -- this one comes with a Summer 2015 release date and syncs up with the running theory that it involves Marvel's recent "Secret Wars" announcement, an event debuting in May 2015 from Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic.

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