Marvel Masterworks Collection Introduces Limited-Edition Film Prop Replicas

You can now own a piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- or an authentic replica of one, at least.

Marvel announced the Marvel Masterworks Collection on their Twitter page this morning, a collection of five limited-edition duplicate film props from across the MCU. The items include: Iron Man's Mark I helmet, Captain America's shield, the Eye of Agamotto, T'Chaka's ring and Groot.

Russell Bobbitt, Marvel Studios' head of props, created and put together the collection in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the studio.

"Marvel Masterworks Collection is the ultimate curated collection of highly limited items that are designed and hand-crafted by artisans who are masters of their craft," Bobbitt said.

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The items are incredibly detailed and each one shows the craftsmanship that goes into creating these props for the big screen. The Mark I helmet was created with resin (and lined with leather) to mimic the salvaged missile parts Tony Stark used to piece it together. The replica is made with the same materials.

Cap's shield is made from spun aluminum, handcrafted leather handles and consists of over 50 individual pieces. (It also includes claw marks, left behind by Black Panther during the events of Avengers: Civil War.)

Doctor Strange's Eye of Agamotto has a special glow, which, according to the website, is achieved by using "several secret materials," while T'Chaka's ring brings vibranium to life with sterling silver and black and white rhodium.

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The Groot puppet, originally created for the other actors in the movie to react to, is hand-sculpted, with roots and leaves that have been meticulously painted.

While the price tag may keep some fans from delving into the collection (the lowest price item, T'Chaka's ring, is $1,450, while the most expensive item -- Cap's shield -- checks in at $4,100), collectors are sure to be enticed by the idea of a prop that so closely resembles the original piece.

The fact that they were created by the same people who bring the props to life for the movies is another huge selling point. The items are also very limited. There are only 50 each available of the shield, helmet and Eye, while there are 150 Groot puppets and 250 rings up for grabs.

The collection is currently available for viewing at Marvel's Comic-Con International booth and is available for purchase on the Marvel Masterworks website.

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