Captain Marvel Is the Best Way to Market Avengers 4

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The premiere of Avengers 4 is little more than five months away, and Marvel Studios has yet to release a trailer -- or even an official title -- for the hotly anticipated sequel. That's rumored to be part of a drastically different marketing strategy intended keep secret as many plot details as possible.

While studio President Kevin Feige has assured a trailer will indeed arrive before the end of the year, we have little idea when, precisely, that might be. The most recent rumor suggested Nov. 28, during a special screening of Avengers: Infinity War attended by directors Joe and Anthony Russo, but that obviously didn't pan out.

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It remains a possibility that Marvel's marketing approach for Avengers 4 will be ... virtually non-existent. The sequel is likely going to shatter records with or without any major promotional campaign, due to the massive success of its predecessor and its jaw-dropping cliffhanger. That would be an effective way of bypassing the difficulties that come with releasing any footage from Avengers 4. The MCU has a relatively clustered 2019 calendar, with Captain Marvel hitting theaters in March, Avengers 4 in May, and Spider-Man: Far From Home in July. That tight schedule, coupled with Infinity War's ending, makes it virtually impossible for Marvel to market these movies in a traditional way. Any promotional material for Avengers 4 runs the risk of spoiling elements of Captain Marvel, and any for Spider-Man: Far From Home will most definitely divulge details about Avengers 4.

Captain Marvel pager in Avengers: Infinity War

It's certainly possible for a limited-footage Avengers 4 teaser to be released while maintaining the secrecy surrounding the film. However, it would be nearly impossible to not give away anything of great importance in a full-length trailer. So, how exactly can Marvel effectively market Avengers 4? The answer is actually pretty simple: with Captain Marvel.

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There are several reasons that Captain Marvel is the best marketing material Marvel has for Avengers 4, with Infinity War's end-credits sequence being the most notable. While Nick Fury had been a constant presence in the MCU until Avengers: Age of Ultron, he was nowhere to be found in Infinity War until the end-credits scene, in which he and Maria Hill fell victim to Thanos' finger-snap. However, this was not before Fury could fire a message off that's revealed to have been sent to Captain Marvel.

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