Wolverine Samurai Figure Introduces Feudal Japan to Weapon X

The newest entry in the Marvel Manga Realization figurine line has been revealed, and it’s one heck of a doozey. Wolverine is the latest Marvel character to be envisioned as a samurai warrior from Feudal Japan. News of the Tamashii Nations’ Muho Mono Wolverine figure was first revealed as part of Tamashii Comic-Con.

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The first thing to notice about the Wolverine figure is the lack of one defining samurai trait: a sword. That’s because, being Wolverine, he doesn’t need one. Instead, he has six very small swords on him at all times. The character’s iconic retractable Adamantium blades have been reimagined here as an arm-mounted device that looks to be capable of retracting and revealing the blades when necessary.

Wolverine joins a growing line of characters who have received a similar samurai reinterpretation. Spider-Man, Captain America and Iron Man have all already been turned into wandering ronin, each bearing their own special abilities that align with their Marvel counterparts. The Spider-Man figure, for example, comes with a grappling hook to fill in as low-tech spider webbing. The Iron Man figure comes with a jetpack that almost certainly does not meet safety standards.

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Muho Mono Wolverine was just one of several Marvel-themed figures to be revealed at Tamashii Comic-Con. Tamashii Nations also announced a line of figures based on the recent Avengers: Infinity War film.

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