Marvel Makes Thor "Mighty"

Looking for an easy to point to "jumping on point" for readers intrigued by May 6's "Thor" film, Marvel Comics announced today that it would relaunch the thundergod superhero's adventures in a new monthly title called "The Mighty Thor" this April. Current "Thor" writer Matt Fraction will continue to pen the adventures of the Odinson and will be joined by artist Olivier Coipel who helped bring the character back into sales and critical acclaim when he drew the last "Thor" relaunch in 2007.

"A wave of civilians will be moved to check the book out, so a clear, clean entry point is always welcome," Fraction told Marvel's official website. "The first arc of 'The Mighty Thor' is [an] accessible ground floor storyline that veteran readers and neophyte movie fans alike can get into. With characters this great, there's a reason they've lasted so long, why the myths still resonate, why [they] still thrill and move us. All you have to do is honor them and the rest is easy; terrifying, but easy."

The current "Thor" series is in the midst of Fraction's first storyline, "The World Eaters" with artist Pasqual Ferry, and the writer noted that its conclusion will springboard directly into "Mighty's" first arc called "The Galactus Seed." "Galactus comes to eat Asgard because there's something incredible that Thor has harvested out of the World Tree," he said, promsing "Asgard vs Galactus" and "Thor vs The Silver Surfer" as part of the plot.

In conjunction with this new monthly series, the numbering for the current "Thor" title will continue under the name "Journey Into Mystery" which knowledgeable comic fans will recall was the original title of Thor's comic before his name overtook the title in the '60s. That monthly will be written by frequent Fraction collaborator and former "Thor" fill-in writer Kieron Gillen as well as Gillen's "Thor" artist Doug Braithwaite. As Fraction explained, the renamed series and his "Mighty Thor" alike will connect with the incoming "Fear Itself" event with "Journey" "[putting] the focus on Loki and the Asgardians during the event."

Overall, Fraction expressed confidence in the direction of the series and the artists who will help him try and push Thor to comic shop prominence again the way he did with the launch of "Invincible Iron Man" before the Armored Avenger's first big movie. "Look up, think big, fight hard. These are god-scaled threats only gods are qualified to handle. This is beyond everything imaginable," the writer said. "Coipel so redefined ['Thor'] upon its initial re-launch only for, to my way of thinking, Pasqual to come and take it from him. So I think a big part of the freshness here is Coipel trying to take it back from Pasqual.

""Pasqual comes back right after 'The Galactus Seed' and 'Fear Itself' to tell the story of - well, those are so spoilery not even everyone at Marvel knows what's up. Anyway, when we get there, you'll see why nobody else on Earth could draw the tale I've got cooking for Professor Ferry."

For more with Fraction on "The Mighty Thor" check out Marvel.com, and keep your eyes peeled to CBR for more on this series and "Journey Into Mystery" in the days ahead.

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