Marvel Makes It Official - Card on "Ultimate Iron Man"

Today Marvel made it officially official by preparing their own press release announcing novelist Orson Scott Card as the writer of the upcoming "Ultimate Iron Man." We've reprinted the release below as well as cover to issue #1 and a sketch by Bryan Hitch.

Official Press Release

armor concept sketch

by Bryan Hitch

NEW YORK - Iron Man, the crusading super hero first introduced by Marvel in The Avengers series, will receive his own book in the Marvel "Ultimate" universe this January as Marvel Comics launches Ultimate Iron Man.

The series, which recreates the history of the super hero and his alter ego Tony Stark, will be written by Orson Scott Card, the best-selling science fiction writer best known for his books, "Ender's Game" and "Speaker of the Dead," which each received the Hugo and Nebula awards for best science fiction.

Launched by Marvel in 2000, the Ultimate line re-introduces several of Marvel's most popular characters in 21st-century settings. Featuring hyper-realistic computer graphics, the Ultimate books allow a new generation of readers to grow up with their favorite Marvel superheroes. The series' showcase the ever-popular Marvel characters as teenagers facing the same problems as today's kids

Ultimate Iron Man will mark Scott Card's first comic book writing effort. The initial storyline will center on Tony Stark's childhood and how his parents' experiments with re-creating and rebuilding human skin/armor led to the death of his mother. This tragic event will provide the foundation for Scott Card to then delve into how Tony Stark will develop as a man and super hero.

The series will be illustrated by Andy Kubert (1602 and Wolverine: Origin).

"I'm an enormous fan of Orson's writing, and our assistant editor Nick Lowe has made it his personal mission to get Mr. Card to write Iron Man," said Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics. "Iron Man is a strong and much-beloved character in the Marvel Universe. I know that Orson's new exploration and defining of him as a super hero will delight traditional comic fans and definitely appeal to a whole new audience of fans drawn to the science fiction element in his storytelling."

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