Loki Brings a Dire Warning About the Future and ... Thor?

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Loki #1 by Daniel Kibblesmith, Oscar Bazaldua, David Curiel and Clayton Cowles, on sale now.

The War of the Realms event ended with massive changes for Asgardian brothers Thor and Loki. The former was named the new All-Father by Odin, while the latter became the new King of the Frost Giants, sitting upon the throne of Jotunheim after killing his biological father, Laufey. Now in Loki #1, we find the two characters settling into their new roles. However, just as this new beginning starts to unfold, already the future seems to push back.

In the issue, a time-travelling Asgardian brings a dire warning from the future. But the real surprise appears to be in who this warning is about. While it's easy to assume Loki is the one to bring ruin, Loki #1 twists everything on its head by seemingly blaming Thor for a dark future that has yet to come.

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In the book, we first find Thor in his chambers, where a mysterious character manifests himself in an astral form. The character, who appears to wield Mjolnir, closely resembles King Thor and/or Odin. "Brother," he says, "your brother... You must stop him. He will be the end of all things. The Unfather is coming." However, the message is cut short when the Asgardian realizes he is actually in the wrong room.

Unfortunately, Thor doesn't pay the warning any attention, given that he believes this to be a simple illusion created by Loki. Thor even says its a pretty poor one since the character has two eyes, and he and Odin both only have one eye presently, following the conclusion of War of the Realms.

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However, by the end of the issue, we are taken untold years into the future, where this Asgardian crash lands onto a planet. He says that he foolishly time-traveled back in the wrong room, which raises a host of questions. Who did this time-traveler seek to find in the past? Since he wasn't looking for Thor, he was most likely looking for Loki or perhaps Balder. This implies that, somehow, Thor is the subject of this warning. Could the God of Thunder, and newly-minted All-Father, truly be responsible for a dangerous future?

And, on top of all that, who, or what, is this Unfather he spoke of? Now that Thor is the All-Father, could Loki #1 have just somehow set up a dark turn for the God of Thunder?

However, all of these questions pale in comparison to the most important one: who is the Asgardian time-traveler? At first, it appeared as if it were Thor, but his two eyes changes everything. Since, we never properly see the face of this character, it's certainly possible that this is a Thor from a different timeline or another reality. While that doesn't seem likely, this mystery time-traveler could be anyone, even Loki, as unlikely as that may seem.

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