Marvel Stealth-Cancels Loki Series After Five Issues

Today's release of Loki #5 by Marvel Comics is the final issue of the series. While Marvel Comics didn't officially announce the title starring the trickster god was canceled, writer Daniel Kibblesmith confirmed it in the issue #5 letters page.

Kibblesmith responded to questions in the letters section of the comic by revealing the fifth issue would be the last. When asked if an incarnation of Lady Loki will ever appear in the series, Kibblesmith replied that he sees Loki as "gender-fluid (as well as morally fluid, corporcally fluid)"  while letting the reader know that the goddess would not be appearing as he is "closing up shop on this nook of the House of Ideas."

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After another letter, Kibblesmith thanks the reader for supporting Loki in both single issues and trades, along with promoting local comic book shops. "Thank you for supporting the comic in single issues -- and thank you to everyone who buys comics monthly," Kibblesmith said, "especially from local retailers, as that is the surest way to keep series from getting the ax."

The writer ends by thanking the entire creative team, including artists Oscar Bazaldua and Andy MacDonald, colorist David Curiel, letterer Clayton Cowles, cover artist Ozgur Yildirim and editors Wil Moss and Sarah Brunstad.

Marvel's Loki spun out of the events of War of the Realms, which saw Loki eaten alive by his father, the Frost Giant King Laufey. Of course, the finale and new series saw Loki brought back to life and named the new king of Jotunheim.

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Loki #5 by Daniel Kibblesmith and Andy MacDonald is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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