10 Marvel Locations That Could Be Featured In Phase 4 of the MCU

MCU Phase 4

Marvel's Phase 4 seems to be introducing a new wave of characters, crossover events and teams. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, so too does the world itself and indeed the galaxy. The locations featured in the comics are just as big a part of the story as the heroes who inhabit them.

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So far in the MCU, we've journeyed to Wakanda, watched our heroes fight on Titan and even found our way to Avengers Tower. As Phase 4 rolls around, though, and the heroes and villains of this much larger world continue to explore this strange reality that they are in, more locations will be adapted from the comics. Here are 10 locations that could be featured in Phase 4.


Avengers Academy was a storyline that saw the brightest young heroes of the future get trained by some of the greatest warriors of the past. It was a complex tale that saw the teachers and students embroiled in a lot of personal conflict as well as huge science fiction battles.

The Academy itself was a location where the students and professors lived, trained and worked throughout their time as members of the AA. It's a vital part of the future of the team and could absolutely find itself written into Phase 4. With the next generation set to take over, it could be that Stark left some kind of funds to create the Avengers Academy so that the new blood has a chance of success.


Namor is the King of Atlantis and a character that has yet to make his big screen debut. With the earthquakes under the ocean hinting at a larger world beneath the surface of the sea, we could be on the brink of finally welcoming this controversial king into the MCU.

Along with the King comes his kingdom and Atlantis is a truly spectacular land to rule over. We've never seen anything quite like it in the Marvel world and while DC has produced their own version of Atlantis in cinemas, Marvel's version is sure to innovate and impress.


The Savage Land is a pretty representative name for the area that's been lost in time. It's incredibly difficult to find, but when located it's home to a wealth of knowledge about the Earth itself. Home to some of the last dinosaurs on Earth, it's a tricky place to survive.

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With Marvel's first family sure to be joining the MCU very soon, the adventurous team should find their first mission in the depths of the jungle, perhaps recovering something that was once lost. Reed Richards and the gang are the perfect group to explore this strange new place.


Phase 4 needs to answer a lot of questions for fans. One such question is where has the Fantastic Four been all of this time. The Negative Zone could serve as the answer, becoming a useful way to write in this beloved team from the comics.

The Negative Zone is another realm much like the Quantum Zone, becoming an area that the Fantastic Four discovered they could travel to. In the past it's been used as a prison and area where the hero's enemies have lurked, ready to strike. It's the perfect way to add this family to the films.


As we continue talking about the Fantastic Four, it's worth mentioning that the Baxter Building will likely come into play. Some fans' theories are that we've already seen the Baxter Building in the MCU, with the Stark Tower being bought out by a mystery buyer.

Phase 4 is sure to give us the answer as to who actually bought the Stark Tower and whether it is becoming the Baxter Building. If it is, then expect it to become the hub of scientific development in New York with some upgrades sure to be hitting the exterior and interior of the building.


The Avengers are going to continue to run although without any of its significant early members. The new incarnation of the team isn't quite clear yet, but they should have a more homey location to settle down in now that their previous base was blown up by Thanos.

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The Avengers Mansion is the long-time home of Earth's Mightiest Heroes and based on the stately old mansions often found in England. It's designed for both living and training and could be a fun change of pace from the characterless white military grounds we've seen previously.


Much like the Avengers Mansion, the X Mansion has a very English design. It is used not just as a living quarters, but as a school as well. The Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters operates from here and it's a crucial part of any story involving the mutants.

Marvel wants to move away from what FOX did with the mutant properties, but it seems unusual if we were to never see the X Mansion in the MCU. Phase 4 might be the first time we see the mansion itself, perhaps even during a Disney Plus series, just to tease its future.


The Greek gods of Olympus are heading to the MCU very soon, with Hercules rumored to be showing up in one of the many cosmic properties. As the MCU continues to expand the threats and characters in the cosmic realms, it makes sense we'd see more locations.

With the addition of the Greek gods, Mount Olympus, will also be introduced alongside them. Much like Asgard, Olympus is something of a mixture between alien technology and magic that humans can't quite fathom. It's sure to be a spectacular sight.


Nightmare is confirmed to be a villain the MCU in Phase 4 although it's not clear whether he'll be a part of more than one project. Nonetheless, with Nightmare comes the realm in which he lives, a location we have yet to explore.

Like the Dark Dimension, Nightmare's Realm is another location in reality itself, part of the ever-expanding multiverse. It's a land where Nightmare is king and has complete control over everything that happens there. It's a very dangerous location for anyone to visit, but we're sure the master of the mystic arts will have to drop by.


With the Fantastic Four, their arch enemy is not far behind. Doctor Doom is already being talked about for Disney Plus after a film was in the works over at FOX. For the character to be done justice, he has to be introduced as the leader of the fictional country, Latveria.

Latveria is a fairly ill-developed country that has a lot of poverty yet incredibly advanced defense systems and robotic capabilities. In the capitol of this enemy states is Doom's castle. It's a heavily fortified area where the evil magic user and inventor sits in all his glory and plots out his next malicious plan.

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