Marvel's Legion, Rogue & Gambit Creative Teams Revealed


Ahead of New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics announced plans for two new X-Men titles -- Rogue & Gambit, and Legion -- though the creative teams were not revealed at the time. And while the publisher still has yet to officially unveil the teams to NYCC attendees, it did announce them during Thursday's closed door retailer presentation.

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While the event was mostly press-free, The Beat was there, and proved a write-up of the entire presentation. Much of the information Marvel shared with the retailers present was a reiteration of what the publisher has been promoting as part of its Legacy initiative, but it did reveal exactly who is tasked with helming its latest X-books.

Legion will be written by Peter Milligan, with art by Wilfredo Torres, while Rogue & Gambit will be written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Pere Perez and covers by Kris Anka. While no mention was made regarding whether Legion is an ongoing or limited series, Rogue & Gambit was announced as a five-issue miniseries.

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Rogue has headlined a pair of miniseries and a relatively short-lived ongoing, while Gambit has starred in a handful of solo titles, and starred or co-starred in several miniseries. However, this is the first time Rogue and Gambit have shared the marquee on a comic.

Though David Haller has never really been more than a B-list player in the Marvel Universe, Legion’s profile has risen considerably in recent years thanks to the FX series starring the character. Whether the new comic will take cues from showrunner Noah Hawley’s interpretation of Legion’s powers and personalities remains unknown at this time, though Marvel may reveal whether this is the case during its upcoming X-Men themed NYCC presentation.

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